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Conscious Breathing Exercise

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Breathing is the natural thing in the world, breathing mindfully is one of the most beneficial things in the world.

And powerful, I might add. Everyone knows the importance of breathing, without breathing we would be dead. The first breath opens the cycle of life, the last closes it. In the process of Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis is essential. Classical medicine of ancient Greece considered "Pneuma" or air and "Ignis" or fire as fundamental elements for there to be life. Many cultures and traditions use breathing as a tool for personal health and harmony, just think of the Prana of Yoga or Zen breathing or that of the various martial arts. However, few know the approach to Mazdaznan, a community born before of the Second World War and today practically extinct who declares that the key to wisdom lies in the power of breath, obtained through diligent practices in daily life that increase our ability to cope with the needs of the moment and which can contribute to the resolution of the most perplexing problems of life.

Mazdaznan reveals a systematic method of breathing that moves the negative forces within the body, transforming the currents into positive actions, producing a life-giving power that gives consciousness to one's individuality, giving joy, freedom and emancipation.

This exercise is called Yima and uses rhythmic breathing. It really helps when you feel the sluggishness coming on and your strength failing.


Basic guided practice of YIMA Breathing

VIDEO TUTORIAL with Conscious Breathing exercise led by Ester Patricia Ceresa to rediscover a tradition that risks disappearing.

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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