Ever wondered how your mind works?

Hypnosis can be used as a natural tool to potentially improve any area of your life.
This hypnosis and self-hypnosis course consists of over 45 lessons, it will give you with a simple key to understanding how the human mind works and a step-by-step guide to the practice of hypnosis and self-hypnosis for your improvement.

Free online course of HYPNOSIS and SELF-HYPNOSIS - Part 1

Take one more step towards your change

It is important to understand what you are looking for. The tools of change are tons and the choice is decisive.
Everything you learn remains forever with you as skills acquired in a permanent and definitive way.

My task is to guide the person towards complete personal growth, making him aware of all the resources available to him and being able to use them for complete realization, overcoming any problematic state that can sometimes be encountered during life.

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Did you know that your face and your body reveal much more than you imagine?

New Morphophysiognomics I AM (Instant Analysis Morphophysiognomics) is a system that I have elaborated, after years of research and experimentation on thousands of subjects, that allows you to know the physical and moral characteristics, yours and other's psychology. e quella degli altri.

Imagine the impact on your private and professional life if you should be able to understand people at first sight, even from a simple picture, having an instant profile of their character and personality.

How to understand each other easily, how to recognize yours and others uniqueness in diversity, how to get instant rapport with everyone and how to improve your relationships.

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Corso Online di Ipnosi e Autoipnosi1° parte GRATIS


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The working methodology

The working methodology used is wide-ranging, an integrated system of tools, techniques, applications, practices and disciplines aimed at the psychophysical well-being of the person and focused on the search for identity. In particular, the examination and evaluation of sources spans across the millennial esoteric knowledge of human development, passing from studies on behavioral analysis to the most recent Human Sciences and innovative technologies of change derived from the discoveries of modern Sciences and Neuroscience, with BioQuantum PNEI and Quantum NeuroTraining orientation.


Human Sciences. Ancient and modern knowledge, efective strategies for personal evolution and developing your potential.


100% satisfied people and 90% who changed their lives.


Una svolta esistenziale. Dai più grandi ai più piccoli. Bambini, ragazzi, adulti e anziani. Chi ha tempo non aspetti tempo

Ester Patricia Ceresa

Expert in Human Sciences, Change Technologies and Behavioral Profiles

CREATOR OF THE I AM (Instant Analysis Morphophysiognomics) system, an innovative method of Morphophysiognomics . A BODY / MIND DEVELOPING POTENTIAL METHODOLOGY.


The study of man's behavior and the immense capacity of his brain and his body has always fascinated me. I chose to give my mind a chance and since then it has given me back almost infinite.

The first experience as a trainer dates back to the late 90s, engaged for the Italian Chambers of Commerce in a multi-year telematic revolution project relating to the training of staff and professionals involved.

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KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, TAKE BACK YOUR FREEDOM. If you know how, everything becomes easier. Learn best strategies for your change, discover and develop your hidden potential by accessing the natural abilities of your mind and body.

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Ester does Research, Consultancy and Training services including

Hypnosis, Human Sciences, Identity & Personality Profiling, Morphophysiognomics, BioQuantum, Enneagram, Mesmerism, Quantum Psy Quantum Psychology, NLP3, Coaching, Body Language Non-Verbal Communication (NVC), Lux Mind Light Therapy, Conscious Breathing, Human Alchemy.

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Certifications and Professional qualifications in brief

I work in Italy and abroad, collaborating with various international academies, universities, training centers and institutes including Université Européenne - ISI CNV Institute (France and England) (Higher Institute of Hypnosis and Non-Verbal Communication), Italian Academy of Integrated Coaching , Lotus Formazioni, Italian Association of Hypnosis, Performing Life, CD Group Academy (Bulgaria) and Zivac Group (Romania), Arkéos Institute (Brazil), Metasophia Institute (France and Israel) and others with the title of MASTER TRAINER in PNL & PNL3, Quantum PSY, Non Verbal Communication (NVC), Advanced Non-Verbal Hypnosis, Mesmerism and Coaching.

Author and international speaker, I also carry out the profession of COUNSELOR HYPNOTERAPIST and LIFE COACH, regulated professional ex L 43/2013 registered in the Register of Certified Professionals of the SINAPE - FELSA CISL Syndicate with Registration Number 09/3833 T - 3933. receiving both privately for study consultancy and collaborating with various clinical therapeutic centers including the Check Up Center in Lecce and the Psychological Emergency Aid in Eastern Rome.

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Find out 10 hidden qualities that you never knew about yourself

The study and analysis of the overall shape of the body and face together with
the somatic features accurately and precisely reveal the traits of temperament,
character and personality.

Find out about your hidden traits and qualities with CUSTOMIZED MORFO-PHYSIOGNOMIC ANALYSIS

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