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If you want to improve but you don't know how to do it

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Improvements - Ester Patricia Ceresa

  • Academy Master Trainer of Trainers in Hypnosis & Coaching
  • BioQuantum Trainer 
  • Counselor Hypnotherapist
  • Personality Profiling
  • Life Coach
  • Mesmerista Emeritus
  • Creator of the innovative morphophysiognomic system I AM (Instant Analysis Morphopysiognomics)

In questo canale puoi scoprire le tue reali potenzialità e cambiare la tua vita.

Take an extra step
towards your change

Anche tu hai come l’impressione di vivere solo una misera parte di quello che sei, magari ogni tanto qualcosa ti dice che sei molto di più e senti di vivere una vita che ti assomiglia poco?

Vieni a scoprire cosa sei capace di fare, svelare e sviluppare le potenzialità naturali della tua mente. Strategie del cambiamento per il tuo miglioramento e la tua crescita personale.

E’ importante capire cosa desideri per te, chi vuoi essere e cosa vuoi avere. Cambiare è più facile di quello che credi e gli strumenti del cambiamento sono tonnellate, quindi la scelta é determinante. Tutto quello che impari rimane per sempre con te come capacità acquisite in modo permanente e definitivo.

I help you become the person you want to be and have the tools to transform your life. I guide you towards complete personal growth, making you aware of all the resources at your  disposal and able to use them for your complete fulfilment, able to feel good even in the most difficult moments.

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Your transformation starts here

Course of
Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis

L’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità ha riconosciuto l’ipnosi come strumento naturale efficace per il raggiungimento e mantenimento della salute psicofisica. Ti può aiutare a migliorare potenzialmente qualsiasi area della tua vita.

Questo corso di ipnosi e autoipnosi consiste in oltre 45 lezioni e ti fornirà una comprensione pratica di come funziona la mente umana e la pratica dell’ipnosi per il tuo miglioramento.

Did you know that your face and body reveal much more than you imagine?

The new morphophysiognomy I AM (Instant Analysis Morphophysiognomics ) is a system that I have developed, after years of research and experimentation on thousands of subjects, which allows to know the physical characteristics and morals, your psychology and that of others.

Imagine the impact it could have on your private life and your professionalism being able to understand people on the fly, even from a simple profile photo, having their personalized portrait and getting to know their character and personality traits.

How to get in instant and authentic rapport with anyone and profiling people at first sight, how to recognize your uniqueness and that of others in diversity, how to improve your interactions with others and relationships.

I'll explain it to you in my book
I'll explain it to you in my Seminars

Methodology of Work

La metodologia di lavoro impiegata è di ampio respiro, un sistema integrato di strumenti, tecniche, applicazioni, pratiche e discipline mirate al benessere psicofisico della persona ed incentrato sulla ricerca di identità.

In particolare, l’esame e la valutazione delle fonti, spazia in modo trasversale dalla millenaria conoscenza esoterica dello sviluppo umano, passando dagli studi sull’analisi comportamentale fino alle più recenti e innovative tecnologie di cambiamento derivate dalle scoperte delle moderne Neuroscienze, con orientamento PNEI e Quantum NeuroTraining.

Winning Methods

Ancient and modern knowledge for personal evolution and growth.

Stories with a happy ending

100% satisfied people and 90% who have changed their life for the better.

An Existential Turn

Without age limits for continuous improvement: those who have time do not wait for time.

Ester Patricia Ceresa

Expert in Change Technologies and Behavioral Profiles

Creator Of The I Am System (Instant Analysis Morphophysiognomics) New Morphophysiognomy, A Body / Mind Methodology. Academy Master Trainer in Hypnosis , Cnv, Coaching & Pnl3, Life Coach Counselor Hypnotherapist, Magnetist Emeritus. Trainer of Trainers.

The study of man's behavior and the immeasurable capabilities of his brain and body has always fascinated me. I chose to give my mind a chance and since then it has given me back virtually endless.

The first experience as a trainer dates back to the late 90s, engaged for the Italian Chambers of Commerce in a multi-year project of telematic revolution relating to the training of the personnel and professionals involved.

Get to know the change strategies for continuous personal improvement, to unveil and develop the natural powers and abilities of your mind.

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Ester Patricia Ceresa è una trainer riconosciuta a livello internazionale. I suoi seminari sono unici, altamente pratici e vantaggiosi per studenti di ogni provenienza.

You learn by doing, with a complete path from A to Z that satisfies both those who approach these disciplines for the first time, and experienced professionals who can find unknown techniques even at the highest levels.

Who are the Seminars for

Professional therapists

Practitioners of allopathic, alternative and holistic medicine (doctors, nurses, OSS, hypnotists, coaches, counselors, consultants, etc.) who want to enhance their skills and competences.


Aimed at all professional sectors (teachers, managers, lawyers, traders, entrepreneurs, business executives) to give their best and be successful in their business.

Artists, musicians and inventors

People who benefit in creativity and popularity;
students of all ages who want to improve learning, memory and academic performance.


All athletes who want to improve performance.


Students of all ages who want to improve learning, memory and academic performance.


To all those who simply want to learn how to improve their lives, both private and professional, with tools and knowledge that will become personal life baggage.

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