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  • Fascination

    Fascinating hypnosis

    Fascination is the ability to capture the attention of the other with the strength of the gaze, as if to block him in a Here and Now.

Fascination is the ability to capture the attention of others with the strength of the gaze, as if to block it in a here and now. The power of the eye reaches its climax by activating a primitive response of the Reptilian Brain and the subject remains Fascinato, as petrified, it enters a "different" state, even a physiological one, with cathartic effects that are sometimes almost immediate.

“Fascination is the action of a Mental Force that powerfully influences the imagination, desire or will of another”

William Walker Atkinson – Mental Fascination – 1907

Also known as the ability to hypnotize using gaze alone, hypnosis is so mysterious that it has fixed in the collective imagination all its power to enchant in the famous expression:

" To me the eyes!"

It is one of the most intriguing and mysterious Eastern and Western traditions, handed down in close circles from Master to Disciple in an almost exclusively oral form and which comes to us from Indian, pre-Roman, Roman and medieval knowledge.

In this tradition, the Eye retains a secret energy with transforming faculties for both the observer and the observed, interesting from a scientific point of view and explainable today perhaps with the logic of the modern quantum key.

Fascination is both Malìa , understood as a spell, and Alchemy , to indicate the inner mutation operated by the gaze in two beings.

This means that in Fascination the eye, in addition to observing you, also makes you change instantly.

Of particular impact, because it is comparable to the reset button of your entire mind-body system: it unlocks, restores and restarts processes even if they are stuck in rooted habits, while allowing the immediate generation and installation of new behaviors that are more favorable to your balance.

Fascination is in fact used above all to stimulate rapid changes as well as for many other purposes such as favoring instant regressions with open eyes, overcoming dysfunctional behaviors and blocks, even if they are decades old.

A captivating gaze increases charisma, magnetism and presence, with positive repercussions on professional and private life, also improving interpersonal relationships.

At the base of the Fascination there is a long and in-depth work on Presence and on the Animal Magnetism , necessary to develop among other things also magnetic eyes such as magnets and much more.

The ability to fascinate is, in fact, only one of the many phenomenologies that can be found as natural consequences of the work on self-centering that favors, develops and increases the power of the gaze.

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