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  • Mindful Breathing Mazdaznan

    We are surrounded by Air.

    The role of air in natural health and well-being has been underlined since the dawn of every human culture.

Air, Water, Fire and Earth are the doctors of Nature, ancient tireless healers available 24 hours a day, always at the service of man for free.

Primary element together with Water, Fire and Earth, Air is the vital principle and first yearning for life.

In classical Greek medical doctrine, the Pneuma breath is a substance that initiates existence and allows life together with Ignis, the fire of Innate Heat. In Indian culture, Prana is a universal energy breath.

Breath is also fundamental in the tradition MazdaZnan of Zoroastrian origin, founded in the early 1900s by the doctor Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish and today carried on by increasingly rare communities. According to this doctrine, the growth and ideal development of each individual also and above all passes through the adequate daily practice of conscious breathing.

Le RESPIR est le principe sous-jacent de la vie, et le rythme de l’inspiration et de l’expiration, avec ses temps de rétention et d’arrêt, détermine le développement physique, psychique et mental.

 Dr. Hanish –  L’ Art de la Respiration –  1969

Breathing is the basic principle of life, and the rhythm of inhalation and exhalation, with its holding and stopping times, determines physical, psychic and mental development.

Breathing is natural, breathing well and with awareness allows the achievement and maintenance of an optimal state of health.

In the MazdaZnan philosophy, physiognomy is also considered basic for a process of self-awareness and evolution, the classification of the different biological types also indicates the type of lifestyle to be adopted to better live on the basis of one's basic inclination. Targeted exercises and specific techniques allow you to work on an emotional, intellectual and instinctual level, three important centers of the complex human system.

We are surrounded by Air.

It is available everywhere, for everyone and at any time of the day, capable of making significant improvements in the general state of health.

Mazdaznan Essential

Basic guided practice of YIMA Breathing

Conscious Breathing exercise led by Ester Patricia Ceresa to rediscover a tradition that is in danger of disappearing.