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Private sessions
Live and Online

I deal with the development of human potential.

My job is to guide the person towards a complete personal growth, making them aware of all the resources at their disposal and able to use them for its complete realization, overcoming any problematic states that can sometimes be encountered during a lifetime.

I use different tools and technologies of change

I work as a regulated professional ex L. 4/2013

Morphophysiognomy analysis in the office or online

Appointment live or online. Morphophysiognomy is a system that I have developed aimed at recognizing uniqueness in diversity, at recognizing oneself and others to improve relationships with ourselves and people. Face and Body reveal. Temperament, character, personality, strengths, weaknesses, innate talents, talents to be developed, professional orientation, orientation of studies, relationships and feelings, personal history, physical and moral attitudes, state of health, sexuality.

70 €

Audio morphophysiognomy analysis

Submit a picture of yourself or the public profile of whoever you want to know the personality.

50 €

Live and Online private sessions Hypnosis & Coaching

Develop your potential. I will guide you towards your personal growth, to be aware of all the resources at your disposal and able to use them for your complete realization. I accompany you to achieve your goals, overcoming any difficulties that may be encountered in the course of a lifetime. In case of illness, I work in support and synergy with specialized medical therapies with considerable positive results.

In Studio: 150 €
Online: 90 €

Are you a public employee?

For you a special 30% discount on consulting and training services.