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  • Enneagram

    The way of the soul diagram

    The enneagram is one of the oldest and most mysterious tools for the study of human behavior.

It is a mathematical model that holds the key to an enigma that has fascinated scientific communities for centuries: that of the possible existence of a universal univocal law of what is called "Subjective and Objective Reality".

The Enneagram derives from the Greek words Ennea (nine) and Gramma (drawing) and indicates a hermetic symbol, full of occult teachings and meanings, which traces the diagram of a perpetual evolutionary movement.

Esoteric wisdom of Persian and Zoroastrian matrix, perpetrated by the Sufi masters and still partly unknown. One of the last holders of this arcane knowledge was an Armenian Master of Macedonian origin, a mystic writer and philosopher known by the name of Georges Ivanovič Gurdjieff, Գեորգի Գյուրջիև, a cryptic and enigmatic personality who lived at the turn of the 1900s between Russia, France and Turkey.

As a universal model, the Enneagram applied to humans has been used above all for the analysis of the personality and the drawing of the psychological profile because it identifies and distinguishes nine types of characters and personalities, called Enneatypes.

There are nine variants of the human being, nine ways of being, nine ways of thinking, nine ways of acting, nine ways of trying, feeling, expressing and communicating each one characterized by very specific characteristics (vices and virtues) even if it is a matter of of a model applicable to the whole.

The Enneagram represents nine fixed variations on the theme "Man": There are nine identities, nine definitions of self, nine characters, nine personalities, nine possibilities of us, nine masks (from the Latin: person).

The characteristic of each personality is the fixation of attention on an element considered essential for living, a "conditio sine qua non" life has no sense of being lived, rooted in beliefs and values. Fixation involves the need for perfection, altruism, success, love, knowledge, abundance, power or harmony.

The diagram accurately traces nine movements that express nine ways of being, nine ways of thinking, nine ways of acting, nine ways of trying each characterized by very specific characteristics (vices and virtues) even if the model is applicable to everything.

The Enneagram is a formidable and at the same time dangerous tool, with a thousand and more traps and pitfalls for those who use it superficially. More than a profiling tool, it is an evolutionary path that requires study, application, order and discipline. In fact it is an archetypal structure that offers a rich map for personal development from a singular perspective that offers valuable insights to individuals, groups and collectives. Its purpose, far from being to label and box people, rather opens a path to self-discovery and greater personal awareness.

The Enneagram creates self-awareness because it discovers the patterns of behavior that guide us unconsciously and motivate us to act in certain ways, thus allowing us to change the attitudes that prevent us from full realization. Once we become aware of these patterns and motivations, we are able to transcend them and develop new ways of being. Working with the Enneagram means growing, it allows people to take responsibility for their own behaviors and provides a greater understanding of the behavior of others, about why others act and react the way they do.

The Enneagram means integration and development. It is able to discover the uniqueness of each individual and his journey by going deeper. Not only does it reveal what holds an individual back, but it also offers insights on the way to liberation from our cages, connecting us to our strengths and our higher self.

The Enneagram makes the mind take a quantum leap , you stop thinking you are "like this and there is nothing to do, people don't change" and you start to be "as you want when you want ".

Practical applications

Used over the centuries especially in the esoteric field, in recent decades the Enneagram has proven to be one of the most powerful tools available in the field of personal growth and coaching, also entering the psychological sector.

Its use not only allows you to accelerate understanding, growth and integration, but also allows a development process over time and lasting results.

What type am I?

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So can I understand who I have in front of me? Yup.

In this video is shown how in a few words, a few simple questions and answers, it is possible to get to the heart of the person and his focus.

Even within a normal conversation, apparently banal like those from an elevator, the key to the personality of the speaker is contained.

No exchange is sterile for those who possess this ancient knowledge, it contains an incalculable wealth of information.