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  • Hermeticism and alchemy

    A drawing is worth a thousand words, a symbol more than a thousand books.

    Symbology bypasses reason and goes straight to the heart of the personal and collective unconscious. An extraordinary form of communication, free from time, space and language, a symbol can encompass all knowledge and send an unequivocal message.

Full of meanings, its duality is expressed in a cryptic clarity, its primary characteristic being that of being able to overcome the barriers of the rational critical factor. What of a symbol escapes the interpretation of the logical mind is perfectly decoded by the creative mind in a process that the hermetic movement has learned to know, master and use with skill for the evolutionary passage of man.

To get to live the Golden Age, understood as the fullness of the Self, different Alchemies, or transmutations of the Ego, are required. The human being from raw stone is transformed into golden stone through the knowledge and practice of the physical and metaphysical laws of Nature, which ferry him from the internal shadows to the eternal light.

Knowledge as Wealth, the point of arrival and departure for a new individual dimension.

The use of Hermetic Symbology thus becomes a valuable complement for those looking for functional and effective tools as an adjunct to a process of personal improvement and change, valid allies in achieving their goals.

Both the Hermetic Way that that of Human Alchemy were for centuries reserved only for Initiates, they require order, rigor and seriousness, as well as profound knowledge and respect for Nature.

A Playlist Dedicated to practical tutorials and workshops

Pills of Alchemy and Hermeticism

What are they and how are they
related to personal evolution?

In the evocative rooms of the Castle of Nerola we talk about esoteric knowledge transmitted by allegorical, cryptic and mysterious symbols.

Hermeticism essential

Basic Practice of Self Transmutation

Exercise of Hermeticism led by Ester Patricia Ceresa to begin to access in a simple way to a knowledge still reserved for a few today.