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  • Lux Mind

    In the Light there are all the Colors

    The power of light in regenerative processes as a generator and accelerator of new behaviors.

Lux Mind is a highly innovative methodology that exploits the miraculous power of light to generate changes in the psychophysical state of the person. It starts from the studies on Phosphenism by Dr. Lefebure or on the effects of light on the healing of patients and is enhanced with elements of Mesmerism, Fascination, Hypnosis and NLP3.

Many know about Chromotherapy which exploits the properties (calming, toning, rebalancing etc etc) of the different colors. The Lux Mind method approaches as a basic principle but works in a completely different way because instead of having the corresponding effect recalled by the IDEA of the resource or capacity (calm, energy, balance, etc) directly with INTENTION and requires light natural sunlight or that of a warm light bulb.

The principle is simple and ingenious: it shines in the light

It is an atomic bomb because it is as if it were an accelerator for the brain, it allows you to reactivate all the neuronal cells involved in the desired change, naturally favoring it without any mental effort as it normally happens when we desperately try to solve a problem that haunts us.

Of practically infinite applications, it has several advantages:

It is easy to learn and put into practice

It is economical: sunlight does not require any investment

It is practical: light is within everyone's reach and is everywhere

  • Light is clean
  • Light is natural
  • Light is energy

In the Light there are all the Colors of the world

Putting a positive thought, a desire, a capacity or a goal into the light is like giving a precise direction to our mind, putting energy into it and bringing it to the "light".

The benefit for the person can be seen from the first application