Expert in personal change technologies

The study of human behavior has always fascinated me.

Getting rid of the imprisonment of mental limits has always been one of humanity's great challenges and, animated by the spirit of research on the faculties of the brain and its potential, I have chosen to give my mind a chance.

The scientific approach was that of the "Principle of simplicity": the hypothesis is that if it is considered natural for man to have higher mental abilities then the most probable thesis is that access to these faculties must be simple and accessible to all.

With the key to simplicity, doors have been opened on worlds that we do not even think can exist.

I gave my mind one chance, and the result was that it gave me a significant statistical multitude.

And the process continues, as my story shows at the bottom of the page.

That could also be your story!

My Professional History

Man is a social animal, everything in him communicates. To understand his behavior it is necessary to learn the structure of his communication and it is precisely in this field that I took my first professional steps.

The first experience as a trainer dates back to the late 1990s, committed to the Italian Chambers of Commerce in a multi-year project of a telematic revolution in relation to the training of the personnel and professionals involved.

Following the project for the Telematic Civil Process sees me committed to the Court of Cassation again on the training front of judges, magistrates and lawyers.

Contemporaneamente all’attività professionale continuo gli studi specializzati fra Roma e Nizza presso l’Istituto ISI CNV Istituto Superiore di Ipnosi e Comunicazione Non Verbale, fino al conseguimento dei titoli di COUNSELOR HYPNOTERAPIST e LIFE COACH. La formazione unita alla pratica proseguono senza sosta fino ad ottenere la qualifica professionale di MASTER TRAINER in PNL&PNL3, Comunicazione Non Verbale, Ipnosi Avanzata, Magnetismo e Coaching.

Certifications and Professional qualifications in brief

I work in Italy and abroad, collaborating with various academies, training centers and institutes among which  European University - Istituto ISI CNV (France and England) (Higher Institute of Hypnosis and Non-Verbal Communication), Italian Academy of Integrated CoachingLotus FormationsAssociazione Italiana IpnosiPerforming Life, CD Group Academy (Bulgaria) e Zivac Group (Romania), Arkéos Institute (Brazil), Metasophia Institute (France and Israel) and others as MASTER TRAINER in NLP & PNL3, Nonverbal Communication, Advanced Nonverbal Hypnosis, Mesmerism and Coaching. 

Author and international speaker, I also carry out the profession of  COUNSELOR HYPNOTERAPIST e  LIFE COACH , registered in the Register of Certified Professionals of the SINAPE - FELSA CISL Syndicate with Registration No. 09/3833 T - 3933  receiving both privately for study consultations and collaborating with various clinical therapeutic centers including the Check Up Centre of Lecce and the Psychological First Aid di Roma Est.

Foundress of the Morphophysiognomics, innovative discipline and methodology aimed at the well-being of the person and focused on the search for identity, considered as a new frontier in the field of Human Profiling and Non-Verbal Communication.

Author of Morphophysiognomy Manual - Vol. 1 – Face and body reveal the traits of Temperament, Character and personality - ISBN 9788879756785 - published by C.I.S.U Centro Informazione Stampa Universitaria, I collaborate with several magazines, radio and magazines, among which the famous one Karma News by Manuela Pompas, journalist for 30 years editor of Gioia, considered one of the major disseminators in the field of psychic and spiritual research in Italy,

President of I.P.C.A International Professional Coaching Association, promoter of many international initiatives and congresses in Italy in the field of Coaching and Hypnosis.

Vice president and director of the Study, Research and Development Center of Associazione Italiana Ipnosi, created to promote scientific research, the study, dissemination and practice of hypnosis, in all its applications.

Certified Existentiel Coach and Kabbale Existentielle in Logotherapy, Existential Coaching and Cabal from Institut Metasophia.

From 2015 to 2017 I participated in the European Union project One Minute May Save a Life, Best practices exchange and development in dealing with emergency situations, an international training program to support operators who respond and intervene in emergency conditions.

Currently engaged together with InfoCons, the Romanian National Consumer Protection Organization and several international partners to contribute to the "Project about Consumer Behavior", Presented to European Council.


The story continues…

Nel 2012 comincia anche una stretta collaborazione come docente e ricercatrice con Université Europeenne, esperienza di immenso arricchimento che mi permette di lavorare fianco a fianco con il dott. Marco Paret, luminare universalmente riconosciuto nel campo del mesmerismo e dell’ ipnosi nonché ideatore del nuovo paradigma di PNL3.

Ester Patricia Ceresa Marco Paret

Years of great experiences and enrichment follow in the classroom, with students from all over the world from whom I learn a lot, intercontinental travels, educational explorations, workshops. Training becomes a pillar of my professional skills, mutual nourishment in the subsequent teaching, where I cross the path of a multitude of high minds who further contribute to my training. A period of formidable interchange and intellectual ferment, disciplines and teachings to act as a continuous stimulus to continuous growth and knowledge, which still continues in mutual collaboration.

I specialize, as well as in the subjects taught in the multiple professional training courses of the Institute, also in the field of Quantum Psychology and Enneagram. Studies on the ancient disciplines of Zoroastrian origin of personal evolution Mazdaznan together with those on physiognomy and morphopsychology, combined with experimental research on thousands of subjects of different races and nationalities both in the classroom and in the study where I receive privately, they led to the development of the new ME, an innovative system aimed at psychophysical wellbeing and focused on identity search (ME) and the creation of the new Morphophysiognomics, a cutting-edge methodology in the field of body language disciplines. A new frontier of non-verbal communication, Morpho-physiognomy makes a valuable contribution complementary to the already widespread neurosciences that bring attention to the mind-body connection and to that which is even more intriguing between the energy of thought and matter.

While continuing to be attracted by the "decoding" of the "man" puzzle, the idea that guides me on the path is increasingly that of moving away from the calculating coldness of identikits and rather considering identity. After years of research, experimentation, verification and development of the integrated system, I publish the first Manual of Morpho-physiognomy, passed in a very short time to the attention of the university community, which subsequently edited the publication. Today available, as well as in normal bookstores, also in over 720 university libraries. It guides the reader to the knowledge and acquisition of the alphabet made up of lines and human forms, allows to recognize the other in full awareness of diversity and therefore to relate to the best. When we understand each other, it becomes easier.

Practice and experimentation have been decisive for my growth and professional orientation. In the hypnosis, magnetism and morpho-physiognomy cabinets that I take care of in Italy and abroad I was able to draw on a real human laboratory that allowed me to further develop models of Human Profiling and protocols for personal growth and the achievement of well-being with morpho-physiognomic, hermetic and alchemic orientation.

Today I am a certified ACADEMY MASTER TRAINER Today I have the title of ACADEMY MASTER TRAINER expert in Human Profiling that allows us to "teach those who teach" with hundreds of lectures, individual sessions and personal training in French, English, Italian and Romanian as well as collaborations with medical centers, training schools, companies and prominent individuals operating in every professional field.

Knowledge of languages ​​has been invaluable. In addition to allowing me to study texts of different origins and nature, it allowed me to relate to a crowd of people of every culture and nationality, making my research in the field of human profiling, magnetism and hypnosis ever richer and more precise. . International speaker, in recent years I have overseen the development of some of the foreign projects, also intensifying international lectures. Present with speeches at various world conferences, on the subject of hypnosis and morpho-physiognomy.

Training and learning activities have a prominent place in my work, over the years even national collaborations have intensified to the point of having the pleasure of being invited to participate as professor in the first specialized course in NLP and HYPNOSIS in Italy which sees the merger between the School of Hypnosis ISI CNV and the University Consortium of Lumsa. ISI CNV and University Consortium of Lumsa    

Contributing to the dissemination of knowledge is another pillar of my business. I participate, together with important companies, in the organization of events of national importance both on the topic of hypnosis and in general of mental and physical well-being, as well as speaking as a speaker at numerous international conferences. One of the last saw me involved in the Global Health Safety & Environment Summit in Frankfurt.

I contributed to the European Union Erasums + Programme One Minute May Save a Life, Best practices exchange and development in dealing with emergency situations, an international training program to support operators who respond and intervene in emergency conditions. 

The dedication to research has led to the cofounding of the Associazione Italiana Ipnosi, promoter of Mental Forum UniversalMente. For the first time in Italy an event open to all, dedicated to the universe of Neuroscience and ofHypnosis, to the study and discovery of the extraordinary powers of our mind at the service of health, well-being, growth and personal development.

I collaborate in the writing of articles on Karma News, famous and authoritative magazine to get to know each other and find Manuela Pompas's way of the Self. Journalist (for 30 years editor of Gioia), she is considered one of the major communicators in the field of psychic and spiritual research in Italy.

Consultant at the headquarters of the Psychological First Aid, immediate professional quality help for simple, concrete and effective indications, for dealing with situations of psychological emergency. Present throughout the national territory, it aims to provide an adequate response to all forms of emotional suffering.

I work as a teacher and researcher with Zivac Group, Romanian center in Bucharest specialized in training, consultancy, behavioral analysis and evaluation, coaching and conducting studies based on rigorous research, relating to the many ways in which emotions and perceptions affect human behavior, decision-making and the conduct of our activities. Founded to provide professional support and training, strictly on a scientific basis, to identify and develop the skills necessary to understand emotions and human behavior. 

Training takes me overseas, also engaged in intercontinental collaborations. The partnership with theInstituto Arkeos, which operates in Brazil, in São Paulo. Created and developed to offer opportunities to people looking for the development of inner power, vital energy and expansion of the mind, the institute promotes training courses, events and experiences.

Trainer and author at the NLP & Hypnosis Institute, based in United Kingdom, Birmingham and London, I am responsible for research and training in Magnetism, Non-Verbal Hypnosis and Behavioral Profiles. Directed by Jennie Kitching, psychotherapist, couselor, NLP professional and hypnotherapist and author of over 36 books, the institute is accredited by the General Hypnoterapy Standard Council for the issue of the Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

In partnership with Cd Academy, The Sofia-based International Academy of the CDGroup circuit, active both in Bulgaria and Italy, are involved in the organization and conduct of Professional Masters and Campuses in Form-Action, Communication and Hypnosis, as well as in the dissemination of the discoveries and applications of Neuroscience.

Some collaborations: