Expert in personal change technologies

The study of human behavior has always fascinated me.

Getting rid of the imprisonment of mental limits has always been one of humanity's great challenges and, animated by the spirit of research on the faculties of the brain and its potential, I have chosen to give my mind a chance.

The scientific approach was that of the "Principle of simplicity": the hypothesis is that if it is considered natural for man to have higher mental abilities then the most probable thesis is that access to these faculties must be simple and accessible to all.

With the key to simplicity, doors have been opened on worlds that we do not even think can exist.

I gave my mind one chance, and the result was that it gave me a significant statistical multitude.

And the process continues, as my story shows at the bottom of the page.

That could also be your story!

My Professional History

Man is a social animal, everything in him communicates. To understand his behavior it is necessary to learn the structure of his communication and it is precisely in this field that I took my first professional steps.

The first experience as a trainer dates back to the late 1990s, committed to the Italian Chambers of Commerce in a multi-year project of a telematic revolution in relation to the training of the personnel and professionals involved.

Following the project for the Telematic Civil Process sees me committed to the Court of Cassation again on the training front of judges, magistrates and lawyers.

At the same time as the continuing professional activity, the specialized studies between Rome and Nice at the ISI CNV Institute - Higher Institute of Hypnosis and Non-Verbal Communication, up to the qualifications of COUNSELOR HYPNOTERAPIST and LIFE COACH. Training combined with practice continues unabated to obtain the professional qualification of MASTER TRAINER in NLP & NLP3, Non-Verbal Communication, Advanced Hypnosis, Magnetism and Coaching.

The story continues…

In 2012 he also began a close collaboration as a teacher and researcher with the EUROPEAN UNIVERSITE, an experience of immense enrichment that allows me to work side by side with Dr. Marco Paret, universally recognized luminary in the field of mesmerism and hypnosis and creator of the new NLP & NLP3.


I specialize, as well as in the subjects taught in the multiple professional training courses of the Institute, also in the field of Quantum Psychology is The Enneagram. Studies on the ancient disciplines of Zoroastrian origin of personal evolution Mazdaznan together with those on physiognomy and morphopsychology, combined with experimental research on thousands of subjects of different races and nationalities both in the classroom and in the study where I receive privately, they led to the development of the new Morpho-physiognomy, a cutting-edge methodology in the field of body language disciplines. A new frontier of non-verbal communication, Morpho-physiognomy makes a valuable contribution complementary to the already widespread neurosciences that bring attention to the mind-body connection and to that which is even more intriguing between the energy of thought and matter.

After years of research public the first Manual of Morpho-physiognomy, passed in a very short time to the attention of the university community which subsequently edited it. 

Practice and experimentation have been decisive for my growth and professional orientation. In the hypnosis, magnetism and morpho-physiognomy cabinets that I take care of in Italy and abroad I was able to draw on a real human laboratory that allowed me to further develop models of Human Profiling and protocols for personal growth and the achievement of well-being with morpho-physiognomic, hermetic and alchemic orientation.

Today I have the title of ACADEMY MASTER TRAINER expert in Human Profiling that allows us to "teach those who teach" with hundreds of lectures, individual sessions and personal training in French, English, Italian and Romanian as well as collaborations with medical centers, training schools, companies and prominent individuals operating in every professional field.

Knowledge of languages ​​has been invaluable. In addition to allowing me to study texts of different origins and nature, it allowed me to relate to a crowd of people of every culture and nationality, making my research in the field of human profiling, magnetism and hypnosis ever richer and more precise. . International speaker, in recent years I have overseen the development of some of the foreign projects, also intensifying international lectures. Present with speeches at various world conferences, on the subject of hypnosis and morpho-physiognomy.

The training occupies a prominent place in my work, over the years even national collaborations have intensified to the point of having the pleasure of being invited to participate as a lecturer in the first specialized course in NLP and IPNOSI in Italy which sees the merger between the School of Hypnosis ISI CNV and the University Consortium of Lumsa. 


The dedication to research has led to the cofounding of theItalian Hypnosis Association, promoter of Mental Forum UniversalMente. For the first time in Italy an event open to all, dedicated to the universe of Neuroscience and ofHypnosis, to the study and discovery of the extraordinary powers of our mind at the service of health, well-being, growth and personal development.

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