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Morphophysiognomy Manual

For the first time a manual of morphophysiognomy published by a university information center

From Carla Gaeta's Foreword:

"If the term Morphophysiognomy as well as difficult to pronounce is also indigestible in the etymology, know that we are talking about the physical aspect which, according to many, is the first thing we notice in a person.

The first impact plays a fundamental role in a normal meeting, in a job interview, in an acquaintance that can turn into a friendship or a sentimental bond.

Is it possible to understand the psychological and moral characteristics of an individual from his physical appearance, features and facial expressions? Scrolling through this manual, we can say yes. Even if there is no scientific theorem or method that can prove this, we are sure that in the near future this discipline will be object of objective and verifiable studies; also because in everyday reality many things that can be seen cannot be explained or understood in their entirety.

The understandable, clear, direct and engaging language gives the possibility, even to those who are not experts in the sector, to understand what kind of person we are in front of thanks to what the face gives us ".


The University Press Information Center , for over 35 years has been publishing university works in almost all disciplines and, in particular, for some of them produced editions of great national interest. It also publishes, on behalf of some of the major Italian universities and pharmaceutical industries, works of scientific specialization. Less than a year after its first release, the Manual of Morphophysiognomy Volume I is published and the innovative method I AM (Instant Analysis Morphohysiognomics) made available to students: a remarkable advance for the discipline.

Over 160 Illustrations And Practical Tables
Present in over 720 libraries and university libraries
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Would you like to know what type are you?

Temperament, character, personality, moral characteristics, talents, professional orientation, personal and romantic relationships, sexual orientation, behavioral analysis, business preferences, vices and virtues.

You will know what your face and body tell about you, maybe even something you don't know.