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  • Coaching

    The Way to Do Even Better

    A discipline born in the sports field with a strong motivational energy charge to be performing in every area of life.

Coaching is a support tool for the person to help them achieve goals in line with their values.

It intervenes in all sectors of professional and private life for full personal fulfillment and acts on the present and the future.

It is a humanist discipline because it focuses on the person in the present to accompany him towards the realization of a project or in the resolution of problems or conflicts in progress.

Coaching is a discipline of active listening - in a certain sense it is the "Way of Questions that Generate Answers and Action", because it is based on a working methodology aimed at understanding the situation in order to identify the best resources to generate the ideal action .

Abraham Maslow, American psychologist among the most cited for his theory on the hierarchization of needs known as the "Maslow Pyramid" or the primary needs of man such as nourishment, home, etc. he reveals how, once the basics of life are met, the challenges become less about physical survival and more about what I want to do with my life. The needs are raised, once he has food, sleep and a roof over his head, the human being begins to ask himself a lot of questions such as:

  • How can I realize my potential?
  • How can I deal with the problems I am struggling with regarding work, relationships, money and health? 
  • How can I progress in my life and career? 
  • What are my development needs? 
  • How can I grow to the best of myself, what is called the best possible version of myself?

Avec un coach, vous ferez plus vite, mieux et moins cher

David Lefrancois – Guide Pratique du Life Coaching – 2004

“With a Coach you will do sooner, better and it will cost less”: this expression embodies the quintessence of the spirit of Coaching, where the time factor is fundamental. We work on short resolution times because time is punctuated by active strategic steps to get to where we have set ourselves.

In this sense it is a dynamic discipline - the discipline of Acting - and performing - the discipline of Doing Better First. Coaching is a discipline that makes you arrive earlier and better because a coach helps to focus and take action to achieve our goals, to be able to move beyond basic survival towards what Abraham Maslow calls' self-realization 'and Carl Gustav Jung' individuation '.

Having a coach is like having a coach accelerates growth and builds the capacity for development and achievement in many important ways that would be difficult to achieve on your own.

Today, in addition to the professional figures of the Life Coach and the Business Coach who operate in a reality rooted for more than twenty years, the highly sought-after figure of the Wellness Coah has been added, an expert specialized in supporting the achievement and maintenance of health and well-being. psychophysical.

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