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  • Not verbal communication

    Human communication is structured in a complex system of languages.

    The power of light in regenerative processes as a generator and accelerator of new behaviors.

It is the primate's ancestral language, the one that every human being on the face of the earth speaks and understands.

The evolution of man at this level is presented as a involution, because in today's times the human being continues as then to express himself above all with body language, yet he no longer understands it, that is, speaks a language he does not know .

It would seem a paradox.

It is as if technological evolution had refined and brought new skills to our species but had put aside some precious ones that have ended up in oblivion.

The good news is that nothing is lost, because this knowledge remains as an unconscious trace.

Even though the rational mind has no longer been trained to understand non-verbal communication, we are still unconsciously competent in this matter.

Since the mind learns by repetition (all the faculties arise from a process of education and development which then become habit), it is possible to go back to being consciously competent and to make the mens-body system work in very high performance, where the exchange of information between mind and body is fluid and continuous.

If we want to be all that we can be among other things it is crucial to RE-acquire the ability to communicate with the body and understand the message of our fellow men.

We can re-educate ourselves to understand the language we speak the most! The benefits and advantages are manifold. For:

  • Having perfect communication, always saying and doing the right thing for every occasion
  • Help yourself and others, because it allows you to interpret thoughts and emotional states
  • Be successful and perform better in every field
  • Go in depth and empathize with each other
  • Have more information and mastery of emotions
  • Be sure to interpret the other's real intentions, even the hidden ones
  • Get all the information we need
  • Have a professional edge
  • Have harmonious relationships

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