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A breath will save us (from anxiety, stress and panic attacks)

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If I ask you to relax, what do you do? Take a deep breath.

And if on the contrary I ask you to activate yourself, what do you do? Your breath increases in frequency and intensity.

I spoke to your mind and your body acted this way.

If our body, in response to such a request, the first thing it does is to regulate breathing, it follows that Air plays a fundamental role in states of calm and tension.

This conclusion was also reached by the ultra-millennial primordial wisdom of the Elements which finds East and West in full agreement on this point, since the dawn of humanity there is no human grouping that does not use the breath for healing: the practices of conscious breathing they have been and are still used in every tradition and culture for the care of well-being and health.


Moreover, if a person feels ill, the first thing that instinctively comes naturally to us to say is to help her.

As if there were a doctor inherent in each of us, we already know what to do,the body already knows what to do.. What we didn't know is how do you do it, a thorny issue.

A similar grain was done by Stanford University, an American university where a team of biochemists, biologists, neurobiologists and anatomists¹ provided the long-awaited answer. Millennia later from the very first intuitions, science, in addition to decreeing the full validity of the teachings of holistic medicine (galenic, ayurveda, Chinese, yoga, meditative, etc.) on the therapeutic power of the breath, identifies and reveals also those responsible for this fascinating process biochemical involving breath and emotion.

They were three hundred, they were young and strong and they are ... vivid.

It is a sympathetic group of about 300 neurons that live in the brainstem, specifically in the cerebral area of the Pre-Bötzinger Complex, which have the task of constantly controlling and regulating breathing based on the inner experience of the moment.


The team's research published in Science demonstrates how our body regulates breathing in response to emotional stimulation by setting the body in the best functional order and identifies multiple respiratory types (regular, calm, excited, panting, etc.) that refer to as many emotional states.

The conclusion of the research?


In case of stress, anxiety and panic attacks, a self-hypnosis intervention and BREATHE! Or rather, LEARN TO BREATHE to get rid of them permanently.


If you also suffer from stress, anxiety and panic attacks, this simple natural remedy of Mazdaznan to be adopted in case of emergency for immediate relief or in accompaniment to classic therapies as a daily practice.

Its peculiarity lies in the fact that, unlike the anti-panic exercises that are generally proposed, it does not require lying or sitting and can be done in any position.

  1. Inhale only with the nose, counting to 7, avoiding straining and letting the air gradually and completely fill the lungs
  2. Hold your breath counting to 3
  3. Exhale only with your nose, counting up to 7, avoiding straining and letting the air come out completely.
  4. Hold your breath counting to 3
  5. Repeat at least 3 times

The Mazdaznan culture founded by Dr. Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish of Zoroastrian origin is based on the principle that BREATH IS POWER and on the indissoluble link between health and breathing. Since birth, community members are educated in the practice of different types of respiratory practices for optimal physical, emotional and intellectual development, making it a habit, a real practice of DAILY HYGIENE, on a par with the physical one.

A tradition that today risks disappearing among the many forgotten knowledge and invites us to remember the beneficial power of breathing. Before falling into oblivion I hope you can appreciate one of the effective remedies being taught.

The idea is that of "full" and "empty", we often breathe badly and this prevents the healthy breathing cycle which involves a complete inhalation and exhalation.

Obviously this is only one in a million exercises you can learn to prevent and treat critical conditions related to stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Most of us are inclined to forget the power of breathing and the very air we breathe.

THE COUNCIL MORE? Use the movements to do this exercise. Driving, traveling or walking will become a pleasant routine and time instead of being wasted will be dedicated to your well-being. If you want we can learn together, enough make an appointment..

Let me know the improvements you notice!

¹ Complete list of the team led by dr. Mark A. Krasnow:

Grow up today.

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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