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Help your Mind: Observe your thoughts

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If you happen to be overwhelmed by thoughts that have become ungovernable now, you can take the opportunity to go back to being master of it. A first important step towards the arrest of a gypsy and undisciplined wandering of thought consists in becoming a mere observer of one's mental chatter.

If you stop for a moment and WATCH WHAT YOU THINK you will notice how already the act of simple self-observation slows down the mad flow of mental logorrhoea..

Scrutinizing the flow of thoughts allows, if necessary, to be a mere spectator of one's life and helps to have a more detached vision, to avoid being overwhelmed.

In other words, it allows you to be more present to yourself.

A protracted observation also becomes a real path of growth and awareness, capable of great changes because it allows to bring to the surface many unconscious thoughts.

Risultati immagini per pensiero

Who knows how many things you could discover about yourself and the way you face life without observing every thought that comes.

For example, does your attention tend to focus on the positive or negative side of things?

You're more about the mood anxiety & depression or enthusiasm&vitality?

Making a rough statistic, at the end of the day if we were to weigh your thoughts so much per kilo which would weigh more, the negative ones or the positive ones?

Do you throw yourself into catastrophic andante prefiguring every possible disaster or do you cultivate hopes, projects and new ideas? Have you thought more about what you have or what you don't have? Have you focused more on problems or their possible solutions?

Even more insidious question: do your thoughts value you and love you or do they criticize you and underestimate you? An element that can make the difference on the road to self-realization because the devaluation corresponds to tripping on one's own, in football terms it is a sensational own goal.


In the course of our existence to survive we are called to work to maintain our psychophysical and emotional balance. A positive mental regime requires the control of one's own thoughts in order to have more control over one's life: if you want to live a positive life fed with positive things, if you want to have a grim life fed on negative things. Only we ourselves can decide the nourishment to be reserved for our body and our mind.

Use a recorder or a notebook to identify the thoughts that put you in the most trouble.
Observing one's brain activity also allows for greater organization and mental discipline.. Once you find the thoughts that hurt you can change with others that do so much good instead.

For example, if you find out that you say you are as good as a punched shoe, you can instead repeat "I HAVE AN INESTIMABLE VALUE" several times a day until it becomes an automatic thought like the one you wanted to replace.

Start with small things, try! You just need to be consistent and the results will come quickly.

And then, when you want and if you want, let me now what changes in your life.


Grow up today.

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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