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Phobia? Watch a movie and overcome it forever!

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How wonderful it would be to have the power to never fear anything again!

Wouldn't it be great to get rid of a phobia that paralyzes you?


Memories and emotions are closely linked. It is the very impact of the emotion tried to make the difference in our memories, making them positive or negative.

A group of neuroscientists researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, USA, discovered which brain circuits link emotions to memories and how to reverse the connection. In the research published in the journal Nature, they describe how they managed to "turn off" the feelings of fear in mice in a controlled way and now they think it is possible even for humans: an epochal turning point in the treatment of phobias, depression or post stress disorders -traumatic.

How did they do it? They gave a group of mice a negative and a positive experience, identifying which brain cells were activated in both cases. Then they made the negative experience come alive by stimulating the neurons associated with the positive and the mice to say ...they took it better!

Susumu Tonegawa, professor of biology and neuroscience at the Riken-MIT Center for Neural Circuit Genetics in this regard stated: "Emotions are intimately associated with the memory of past events. Yet the emotional value of memory is malleable. Remembering a memory is not like using a recorder. Rather it is like a creative process ". We think we are precise in reality many elements are built

The memory is a personalized creation

This is exactly what Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which teaches how, has been doing for years resume full control complete on thoughts and emotions to dominate any terror you have tried so far, using techniques that manage to "turn off" the feelings of fear in a controlled way with the same identical modalities discovered by MIT researchers, ie changing the negative into a positive one using a creative process.

In next seminar of Professional Master of NLP & NLP3 you can say you too, like thousands of people who have tried these techniques, definitely goodbye to everything you've always feared.. The traditional remedies of NLP are proposed in the innovative formula of the NPL3. goes beyond the NLP because it implements the synergies of the Hypnosis, of the Animal Magnetism of Mesmer and modern neurological discoveries.

For example you can eliminate a phobia of decades in a few minutes with the deadly Fast Phobia Cure but enhanced by NLP3, an instant technique that takes you "comfortably in the cinema! ".

There are also very simple and effective applications at the same time to reduce feelings and negative emotions, not only linked to trauma, phobias or shock.

Do not you believe it?


  • - Think of something you like
  • - Think of a negative memory
  • - Think of a happy memory and keep the positive emotion
  • - Think of the negative memory of before with positive emotion
  • - Repeat 7 times

Easy, right? It took less than 10 minutes to reduce the negative emotion. And it is only the beginning. What are you waiting to sign up and get rid of yours forever fears?


Professional Master of NLP & NLP3 BOOK NOW

Tell me your experience with the simple exercise proposed before

Grow up today.

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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