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First aid sleepless nights: Hypnotic Lullaby with Baby-Fascination

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When he sleeps, he looks like a little angel, right?

The bedtime remains in the collective parental imagination as the sweetest of the day, the one in which the little ones are rolled up and tells them a fairy tale cuddling them tenderly, perhaps even singing a lullaby while they slip into dreams. A moment of pure peace and serenity in which tendernesses are exchanged, crowned by the kiss of the good night and by the closing of the bedroom door.

And if the man's puppy has absolutely no intention of going to sleep?

Bambino, Pianto, Piangere, Bambino Che Piange, Carino

Unfortunately this is also the time of day when both parents and children are exhausted; it can happen that a vicious circle is created where fatigue on the one hand leads the little ones to arm themselves with desperate tantrums and cries to avoid being taken to bed and on the other generates stress and frustration in the parents, effectively worsening the situation because all tensions make the child much less inclined to go to sleep easily.

If you happen to experience this situation, try this hypnotic lullaby designed to gently accompany babies and children towards a passage that is sometimes critical for them, such as waking to sleep.

Baby Sleeping on White Cotton
Hypnotic Lullaby for Gold Dreams
  • Wrap the baby in a warm embrace, making him feel your heartbeat. ((It is important to create what the experts call Rapport
  • Look him straight in the eye with a serene but still look, calling him back every time he escapes with sweet words. (Serves to capture his attention avoiding distraction)
  • Continuing to stare at him, you say "SLEEP NOW". (Even if he doesn't understand the words he understands the intention)
  • Start rocking it (This creates an oscillatory movement conducive to relaxation)
  • Keeping your gaze gradually, half-close your eyes, as if you were getting sleepy and could not keep them open until you notice that even his own are starting to narrow. (This is the famous phenomenon of the so-called "mirror neurons" that lead our mind to synchronize with each other when we are in particular harmony))
  • Every now and then yawns. ((It is known, the yawn is contagious)
  • Alternate yawns to the sound generated by the prolonged letter M. Repeat the "MMMMMMMMMM" as if it were a chant until deep sleep (The sound of the letter M is connected to the Earth element)
  • With a sweet voice you kiss the goodnight and say: "WITH THIS BASIN NOW LET'S SLEEP CALM AND SERENUS UNTIL THE MORNING" (Hypnotic suggestion linked to Anchor of NLP)

Make it a pleasant habit, a small daily ritual and sleepless nights will become a memory.

For fun facts, take a look at this extract from the famous cartoon "The Jungle Book" video where the creators have fun in describing the various phases of the Fascination (the power of the gaze that hypnotizes, in this case the first moment of the Ninna Nanna) and of the Suggestion hypnotic suggestions and ideas for new behaviors, in this case a prolonged and regenerating sleep is suggested) implemented by the snake Kaa to make little Mowgli sleep.

Try it yourself, it works! And if you want, And if you want, to let me know about the improvements.

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Grow up today.

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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