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ONE YEAR OF HYPNOSIS ⭐️ January self-hypnosis
Regressive hypnosis The script of your life

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A written plan at birth


January is the first month of the year and represents genesis, like birth. Each of us, since he comes to light, begins to write his own story, a life plan.

If we pay attention to our past experience, ever since we came to light, it is as if we were following a part: experiences and events that repeat themselves, similar people, places and situations, the same mistakes and behavioral patterns. As if we were the main protagonist of our life, actors who play a pre-established role, i.e. a script.

“The script is a life plan based on a decision made in childhood, reinforced by parents, justified by subsequent events, and culminating in a decisive choice”

Eric Berne, psychologist.

So it's like we're following one side: repeating experiences and events, similar people, places and situations, same mistakes and behavior patterns.

After all, each of us wears a mask every day, that part of ourselves that we want to show and with which we risk identifying ourselves, a way of interpreting ourselves that in the end could trap the actor in the role and coincide with what we are convinced of. to be, leading us to affirm “I am like this, this is my destiny and that's it”. Or, have you ever thought about living another person's life? In this case you may have unconsciously followed the life plan written for you by others….

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A year of hypnosis and self-hypnosis

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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