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Lesson 39 - HypnoGuide # 8 Learn easily with Mesmerism, Hypnosis and Neurofeedback

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Techniques, guidelines and operational protocols for the practice of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. 

The scientific community speaks loud and clear: if you get emotional you learn! We have a surprisingly flexible brain and learning is a sensory matter, the more engaging it is, the more effective and lasting it is. So it means that learning becomes easy when it's exciting, inner emotional states and the ability to focus , memorizing and learning are closely related. Not to mention the anxiety and performance stress in the case of exams (even those of the life, not just those in school). It is common experience, how many times that information just didn't enter our heads no matter how hard we tried or we happened to get distracted or find it hard to maintain concentration because we were at the mercy of feelings or resentments, perhaps caught up in other matters or simply because that that we were trying to pay attention to was a boringly absurd beard?

What I propose to you is a fruitful way to learn easily, a system that works on the development of cognitive and mnemonic skills, so it helps to know how to stay focused and have all the memory you need to learn. In this lesson we put into practice only a part of the more complete system that employs techniques of hypnosis, quantum psychology, mesmerism and synchronization of the hemispheres to facilitate and accelerate learning and memorization. It allows you to start learning while having fun, use creativity in favor of knowledge and help develop the ability to make the best use of your mind to concentrate, have attention and interest.

To broaden areas for improvement, follow the free live guided self-hypnosis online. Month after month, they will accompany you towards more far-reaching concrete progress.

For an impact an even greater impact to your change

▶️ TRATAKA exercise for concentration

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These are generic procedures. Whatever your goal, controlling change is a matter of enjoying personal responsibility, having the pleasure of being and having. So personalize, choose the one that resonates the most in you and that will help you improve, carefully choose the sensory, sound or visual suggestions (***) to guide your unconscious.

(***) Do you need to create a hypnosis or self-hypnosis session tailored to you? Contact me for a free quote.

For individual lessons , sessions, private consultations or any questions contact me





Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis from A to Z: a ​​complete manual of theory and practice.

This course consists of over 45 lessons and will provide you with a practical understanding of how the human mind works and how to use the hypnosis as a natural tool to potentially improve any area of your life.

New lessons every month

FREE ONLINE HYPNOSIS AND SELF-HYPNOSIS COURSE Part 1. The first 6 basic lessons are free . Take some time to study it and try the techniques on your friends and family, to immediately experience the benefits of what is a true remedy of nature. To facilitate learning and practice, new lessons will be published every month, also born from the experience in Clinical Hypnosis of the American School of Hypnosis.

Complete online course of HYPNOSIS and SELF-HYPNOSIS – Part 2. If you decide that you like it, you can continue with the lessons of the second part, an ongoing structured path where new lessons are added every month, as if it were classroom teaching developed over the course of the academic year. If you would like to participate in our courses to learn live, have an important experience or maybe even a profession (moreover today in great demand), contact me to meet. In any case, the study and application of this manual will become your personal baggage of acquired knowledge and experience.

Have a nice learning!

Here you will find everything you always wanted to know about hypnosis but never dared to ask

Grow up today.

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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