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When the past is present

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We often remain anchored to negative emotions, pain, disappointments, finished stories

Techniques to free yourself from attachment to what is no longer there and live in the here and now.

The past is the past. How many times have we heard this expression: yet in practice between saying and doing there is a sea of emotions that make it difficult, at times, to leave the experience behind. The memory of times gone by can become so haunting that it prevents you from living in the present.

We are reminded of beautiful moments and other tiring, painful ones, dynamics that we had not understood, dashed hopes, people and projects on which we had focused...

Getting entangled in the web of memories can be a bad deal, especially when they are unhappy. Like quicksand they can make us sink and swallow us up. Most of us know what that means: We hold on to anger, frustration, resentment, and fear because holding on makes us feel better, like we're still in control.

Holding on to the past is painful and useless

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However, when we are truly honest with ourselves, we realize that, over time, holding on to what actually continues to live only in our minds is much more painful than learning to let go.

At some point, you have to choose between what is harmful and what is difficult, because the worst thing about holding back paralyzes your chances of moving forward, it's like driving looking at the rearview mirror instead of the road in front of you.

Looking to the future with optimism
During the course of my research on behavioral analysis, I interviewed dozens of seraphic old women and men, healthy and lucid over ninety-year-olds.
Consider the most important trait that sets serene people apart from all the rest: their ability to look to the future with optimism, joy, and excitement. They have learned to let go of the past and move forward. They trust that the best is yet to come.

Letting go needs internal determination. It takes commitment and practice. To make things easier, this simple self-hypnosis technique can help you do just that.

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Simple hypnosis and self-hypnosis technique for letting go of the past
Here are the steps to follow:

Choose a moment when you can relax, preferably in the evening before you fall asleep
Fix the ceiling without blinking until your eyes get tired and want to close. Close your eyes
Take 3 very deep breaths: inhale through your nose and exhale with your mouth slightly ajar until all the air comes out. After the third exhalation, listen to the following words that you have previously recorded with your voice.

Now I let go of everything that was.
I completely release the past and live in the present.
I move forward leaving the past behind.
I choose to forgive myself and to forgive others. Without the need for revenge, what happened happened and I use it to be a better person.
I forgive myself, I forgive and I free myself.
Without ballast, moving forward in my life is easier, my pace is lighter.
Forgiveness has given me back the freedom to let go and move forward one day at a time.
I only allow good memories to inhabit the present. I live joyfully in the here and now.
Now I'm beyond my past.
I can let go, let go, no longer needing to hold on to what happened in the past. I learn from those experiences and move forward into new energies so as to create a new future for me.
I choose how I feel and I feel fantastically good.
When I let go of the past, I can create the future in a better way and my future is better than I could ever imagine.
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be right here, right now. And so it is!

The secret to a good result is consistency

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After the last affirmation you can choose whether to fall asleep, if possible, or whether to open your eyes. In this case, let a few moments pass to fully recover before returning to your tasks. After 30 days of listening, at least once a day, you will notice a change in perspective, thoughts and feelings towards your past experience.

Letting go requires an inner determination. It takes commitment and practice. To make things easier, remember that the secret is always and only consistency, this practice uses simple and powerful affirmations as a reminder to your unconscious mind of your determination to keep going.

If you have had previous experiences that have blocked you, working on presence will give an even greater impact to your change. Combine it with this guided online exercise to leave the past and with this guided hypnosis that helps you change because, to move forward, you must first let go and together with the proposed self-hypnosis exercise they offer the inspiration and motivation you need to make peace with yourself and your story once and for all. And then sleep peacefully!

Learn more
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Ester Patricia Ceresa Hypnosis and self-hypnosis from A to Z: a complete manual of theory and practice. Online course in hypnosis and self-hypnosis.
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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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