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CORSO ON LINE di IPNOSI e AUTOIPNOSI Lezione 44 – HypnoGuida #13 Interpretazione dei sogni in ipnosi

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Techniques, script, guidelines and operational protocols for the practice of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. 

Dreams were once thought to be divine messages, the language of the gods. With the advent of psychology things have changed, and today we have discovered that while dreaming the unconscious speaks to you. Which if you think about it, is kind of the higher part of you, the inner "God" capable of everything, and in that sense "divine." And what does it tell you? Here comes the intriguing part, because he speaks a language all his own, made up of symbols and allegories. It tells stories, enacts films, plays, recites poems and entertains you by involving you with all 5 senses in an 'experience that is as realistic as it is ephemeral, because it could vanish at the blink of an eye. It sends a message that, despite being delivered, is often not understood, because logical and creative minds speak two different languages. Indeed, recurring dreams in a sense represent an insistent knocking at the door of our awareness until the message is received.

Dream interpretation has fascinated mankind since time immemorial. Expertise considered almost magical, practiced and passed down secretly only by priests, grand counsellors, high connoisseurs of the divine, mystics, scholars of the arcane and so on. It was only in modern times that people began to talk about unconscious activity; today the research¹ of Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung and Calvin S. Hall are milestones for those embarking on the interpretive practice of dream activity, although the question is still open, the answers given differ. Many, like Freud, subscribe to the idea that dreams indicate unconscious desires, others to Jung's idea that correlates them with symbols and inner archetypes, while still others, like Hall, advocate a cognitive approach in which dreams reflect different parts of our waking lives.

Our unconscious part restructures us while we are asleep: it repairs, regenerates, heals, rebalances, reprograms behavioral patterns and releases emotions. Dreams are often forgotten, the unconscious chooses which ones to make us forget and which ones to remember, It assesses when it is time to bring to the conscious part's attention what is happening in the unconscious part, thus to bring to the surface on the outside what is happening on the inside and of which the person is "not aware of" to "be aware of".

Alongside the different schools multiple approaches to dream interpretation, also Hypnosis can help to understand dream language, can be integrated to the analysis and add additional elements, regardless of the interpretive orientation chosen (psychological, religious, folk cultural or other).

This simple practice helps you understand the special message from you to you enclosed in a dream, as well as (Read more...)

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This is a basic practice that can have many further variations (***).
For example, the mesmerism (the magnetic sleepwalking is great for getting even deeper into the dream state), the fascination (ideal for identify details that escape), rapid hypnosis (functional to quickly enter hypnotic sleep without go too deep), the Time Line with Lux Mind, tool of PNL3 which combines the mnemonic potential of NLP and light, the time graph and many other effective practices.

⭐️⭐️⭐️Contact me per altri metodi, formazioni, informazioni, lezioni individualisessioni o consulenze private.

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▶️  Guided self-hypnosis video for good rest on music by Chopin






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Have a nice learning!



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