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Fill out the questionnaire and travel to Europe for free!

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If I told you there was a chance to have an Erasmus+ experience with the European Community and travel for FREE would you be interested?

Today I want to tell you about a project that I have become a part of and that I am very passionate about.

As you know I have been involved in education for over 20 years. But I am passionate about new challenges and projects that serve to improve the world and the future of the next generation.

So enthusiastically I joined the project “School Against Fake News” approved by the European Commission, through Erasmus+.

The project aims to give tools to students and teachers through school, so as to stimulate a critical spirit and provide a practical and innovative method to detect fake news.

School, in fact, is where the skills of those who will be the men and women of tomorrow are formed.

To this end, the following have been developed:

✅ A MANUAL that you can free download at this link in all languages

✅ Un VIDEOCORSO ONLINE (completo di test finale della comprensione del metodo) che puoi fare qui  

✅ Un QUESTIONARIO di valutazione che trovi qui 

In short, lots of materials to train you in the best way! 

2 practical reasons to follow the course:

👉 The method is aimed at teachers and students, however it is useful for anyone who wants to know how to wisely discern among the myriad of news with which we are bombarded daily. The manual is easily scrollable, can be consulted by topics and chapters. The result of the work of 5 international partners with institutional expertise in this regard.

Diventare delegato/a internazionale progetti Erasmus+  per viaggiare e partecipare anche tu al progetto, per essere inserito in un contesto internazionale!


Download the material and complete the evaluation questionnaire: only in this way will you win the possibility of being selected as a delegate to travel to the countries of the European Community, with full reimbursement!! 😲🤩

Attention: If you are interested in being a candidate as an international delegate and traveling for free, for this or other projects, AFTER DOWNLOADING THE MATERIAL AND COMPLETING THE EVALUATION QUESTIONNAIRE fill out this form too  and..


Keep following me for new appointments and opportunities not to be missed!

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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