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Even if we are not going on holiday, we can use imaginative techniques to vivere un momento di relax al sole, al mare (o dovunque vogliamo)

This year's holidays could be an unknown. Maybe yes, maybe no. Limitations and uncertainties, as well as a possible weeping wallet. However, we have at our disposal a travel agency of excellence to which we can turn: our mind. Specialised in "achievable dreams", it can take us wherever we want, even to that remote paradise we have always dreamed of.

Neuroscience and brain activity studies have long shown that when we are busy imagining something, the corresponding related effects in the brain and body are triggered, just as if it were a real experience. For example, if you imagine yawning the resulting effect is a real progressive muscle relaxation, then the body starts to relax just as if you were really yawning. You could give it a try now to test the effectiveness.

Self-hypnosis techniques to exploit the imagination

Among the practices that allow to develop and exploit the beneficial effects of imagination, self-hypnosis occupies an important place. It is a method for inducing a state of hypnosis without the guidance of a hypnotist. It requires intent and motivation followed by a self-guided process of relaxation of mental and physical processes, similar to that of meditation, aimed at overcoming the distraction of thoughts and achieving a state of focused awareness.

Whether we like it or not, aware or not, it already operates at full speed in our daily lives, just think of talking to ourselves, a common form of self-hypnosis. Might as well learn it to take advantage of its benefits, self-hypnosis can easily change habits and behaviours that lead to a happier, healthier and more successful life.

An exercise to bring the sun inside us

And even go on holiday when you can't! If Muhammad does not go to the mountain, then the mountain goes to Muhammad. We can take the sun and summer inside with self-hypnosis and come out regenerated, restored as a whole month's holiday.

Here is an easy self-hypnosis exercise to learn: you can also record these words leaving long pauses between sentences and then listen to them in a relaxed state. To enjoy the experience to the fullest I recommend finding a moment of recollection, a place where you can be at peace.

The technique step by step

Sit down in a comfortable position, lying down or in an armchair, and close your eyes. Imagine you are in a beautiful garden with lush, well-kept lawns, exotic fragrant plants... It's high summer, the sun is shining and there is a fresh breeze that caresses your face and uncovered parts of your body.

The temperature is just the way you would like it. Feel the fresh, pure air entering your lungs. And as you marvel at the bright colours around you, you hear the soothing sound of birds singing high up in the sky. In the meantime you breathe deeply. And as you exhale you relax, more and more deeply.
Ever more deeply.

As you walk through the garden you feel the soft grass under your feet. You wander aimlessly until you see some beautiful flowers. And, step by step, as you get closer to them. The scent becomes the most fragrant you have ever experienced. And the brightest and most intense colours you've ever seen Take a deep breath and breathe in the soft, warm and fragrant air. And as you exhale, relax deeper and deeper.

Scopri il sole e l'estate dentro di te

In the meantime, go on your way. A winding path leads down to an enchanting beach, endless spaces as far as the eye can see. And as you walk, with every step you take, you feel more and more at peace and harmony with your surroundings and within you.

Soon you will reach the beach with miles of golden sand. And as you arrive you take off your shoes and walk on the soft sand. Your gaze is lost in the distance. You feel, listen and see the vastness of the sea. The waves washing the shore, an infinite sequence, one after the other. And you hear the sound of the waves, one after the other, one after the other, the symphony of an eternal movement.

And you feel a growing feeling of peace and tranquility. While the warm sea air lightly brushes your skin and your feet sink into the sand with each step you take, you are relaxing more and more with each step.
You soon reach the shore and feel all the power of the sea, waves that they come and go towards you.
Now with your feet you sink even more into the wet sand. And when the sea reaches them you will gently let your fingers be caressed by the water, which is slightly cold at first. But it soon gets pleasantly warm as you take a few more steps into the water, the waves massaging your feet and ankles and you let it be…

Marsa Alam: sole e mare per tutto l'anno

Breathe in the fresh salty sea air and relax deeper and deeper. And after a while you walk on the beach again. There is an inviting deckchair that is there especially for you and also an umbrella and a table and a refreshing drink, your favourite.

Adjust the parasol so that it is perfect for you, lie down on the chair with your drink. And while you do it, take a deep breath.

You relax deeper and deeper as you exhale and as you gaze at the calm blue sea. You see the waves lazily lapping at the beach. And hear the sound of seagulls overhead. You notice a fishing boat with a colored sail, which gently glides on the water.
Summer bursts inside you with all its strength, the sun is shining. The sky is clear, not even a cloud. And the feeling of summer runs through your veins, summer in the mountains, summer in the hills, summer of school holidays, summer of wheat fields and your golden age.

The sensation of summer days leads you to relax completely and fall asleep in the deckchair, without worrying about the world, at this moment in time... And take a deep breath. And as you exhale you relax deeper and deeper... Go to sleep... Deep sleep, deeper and deeper, and dream of the holiday of your dreams. When you wake up (a few minutes later), you will wake up here, smiling and full of energy, just like after a wonderful day on holiday!

Latest advices

✰ Record the different steps with your voice and then listen to them.
✰ Choose a quiet place, to avoid distractions
✰ Self-hypnosis is without contraindications, so you can exercise in complete safety.
✰ If you do the exercises during the day, it is best to set up an alarm clock because sleep may be involved.
✰ You can repeat the exercise every time you want to experience a moment of well-being
✰ Se volete condividere l’esperienza o sciogliere un dubbio, scrivete nei comment

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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