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THE TE IS SERVED – From rags to riches
SEASON 1 | EPISODE 3 – Call them, if you want, Emotions

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Although they have been classified, just think, for example, of the bestseller by Esther and Jerry Hicks - "The Law of Attraction", which lists as many as 22 in an emotional driving scale, none is purely negative or positive. Each is like a bearer message. If we become aware of it, they allow us to change vibration, to improve. Attention to emotions is essential to understand what is happening to us and act accordingly.

Ester & Fiammetta invite you on a formidable journey across the planet Human Being, to discover the potential inherent in each of us and how to exploit it to the fullest of our abilities. The great success of the Televolto continues in this one. Vote for the character whose characters you want to discover with a morpho-physiognomic analysis.

From Stables to Stars

Episode after episode, in a virtual space out of time and space with an artificial intelligence as boatswain, a journey inside exquisitely ordinary men and women, to discover the extraordinary inherent in each of us.

Practical ideas for experimenting with what science is increasingly discovering about us and which, after all, we already knew. Because sometimes, the heart and the belly come first.

A dedicated group and channel

TEA IS SERVED. A program by Ester Patricia Ceresa| Academy Master Trainer in Hypnosis and Coaching and Fiammetta Tonelli | Professional & Motivational Counselor Speaker

Grow up today.

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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