Are you there but aren't you? Come back to HERE and NOW in seconds!

Instead of being your thoughts and emotions, be the conscience and awareness behind [...]

Destiny in Dreams - Matter contains the Oneiric Antimatter

"Life and dreams are sheets of the same book. Reading them in order is living, leafing through them at random is dreaming." ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER The Dream as the Source of the Future […]

Do you have a phobia? Go to the cinema and get rid of it forever!

How wonderful it would be to have the power to never fear anything again! Not[...]

First aid sleepless nights: Hypnotic Lullaby with Baby-Fascination

When he sleeps, he looks like a little angel, doesn't he? Bedtime remains in the collective parenting imagination as the [...]

Discover the Personality of Children and Teens: what (Ennea) Type is it?

How much personality in children and boys! Fascinating, varied and complicated as much as that of [...]

A breath will save us (from anxiety, stress and panic attacks)

If I ask you to relax, what do you do? Take a deep breath. And if on the contrary [...]

Help your Mind: Observe your thoughts

If you happen to be overwhelmed by thoughts that have become ungovernable, you can take the opportunity to become their master again. A […]

Granny, what big eyes you have!

IT IS TO SEE YOU BETTER SMALL MY In the Little Red Riding Hood fable written in 1697 from [...]

Self-hypnosis under the parasol for relaxation

Do this: - Scan the sea horizon until you find a point in front of you at the height [...]

A Surprisingly Flexible Brain - Ester Patricia Ceresa

A study conducted by the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive Brain Sciences shows that learning to [...]

Morphophysiognomics - Hard to say, easy to do

The first impression you have of me is right. When we meet a person for [...]

Who is born round CAN die square

A famous popular proverb of our great-grandparents states: "Whoever is born round cannot die square" [...]
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