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The Morpho-physiognomy Manual has been released!

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Would you like to have the ability to "read" a person at first glance, without even knowing it, as if it were an open book?

From today you can acquire this "super power" thanks to MORFO-PHYSIOGNOMICS.

Morpho-physiognomy is born after years of research as a study of human architecture in relation to his temperament, his character and his personality, with an extraordinarily practical approach and within everyone's reach. It allows to know, through an extraordinarily accurate analysis of the face and body, vices and virtues, strengths and weaknesses, innate talents, natural inclinations and peculiar predispositions of each individual, besides providing practical advice for personal growth, health and well-being of different temperaments.

A new frontier of non-verbal communication, it makes a valuable contribution complementary to the already widespread neurosciences that bring attention to the mind-body connection and to the even more intriguing connection between the energy of thought and matter because it starts from the principle that forma mentis defines the figure in a relationship of cause / effect and vice versa: also the body in turn is able to change the way of being.

The reader is guided step by step to discover the secrets hidden in the forms, lines, textures and colors of the human being, with the aim of making him become aware of himself and his own potential, so that he realizes that no process is irreversible and that the key to changing our appearance is to change our way of thinking; exactly the same way it is known that to change our way of being we can resort to a specific physical training.

The book that teaches people to read like a book.

Whether for love, for sex, for work, for friendship or even just for pleasure, the Morpho-physiognomy provides an easy and reliable tool to get straight to the essence of the person through the study and analysis of his figure.

With over 160 illustrations and practical tables

When you have finished reading this manual you will be able to effortlessly understand whoever comes to you, changing your interpersonal relationships and the way you relate: imagine the impact it could have on your private and professional life.


Initiatives "18app" and "Charter of the Teacher"
This item can be purchased with Bonus Culture and with theTeacher's Letter Bonus. Check the terms and conditions of the initiatives Bonus Culture 18app and of Teacher's Letter. Bonus Culture 18app and of Teacher's Letter Bonus.

Grow up today.

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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