100 Positive Affirmations for Abundance and Success

To START AGAIN BIG, EVERY DAY. Positive affirmations free you from anxiety, negativity, guilt, panic […]

Animal Magnetism according to Kepler, Paracelsus and Mesmer

The doctor Franz Anton Mesmer, studying the influence of the stars on man made the sensational discovery of [...]

Hypnosis, Magnetism & Regressions

REGRESSIONS The rational mind records the present in a linear, two-dimensional, chronological way, selecting moments, elements [...]

The Secrets of Body Language

CNV for Counseling & Coaching - Directed by the Non-Verbal Communication Course of the Professional [...]

The Secret Recipe of Longevity

OLD AGE IS A MENTAL CONCEPT. Interview with Bianca Gonnelli, born in 1921: a girl from [...]

Morphophysiognomy: Are you more Laurel or Hardy?

The shape of our body is anything but random. Morpho-physiognomy allows us to connect [...]

The Ego and the Essence

True power comes from the Self. The Self is magnetic. The Self knows. WATCH THE VIDEO[...]

How to Manage Anger in 5 Steps

Does that person make you really mad? Instead of ruining everything with a devastating outburst, look [...]

Coincidences and Synchronicity

In a quantum system where everything is interconnected, coincidences and synchronicities surpass [...]

The Internal Dialogue - First steps towards Self-realization

Watch this video to discover hidden commands and instructions: - What they are - [...]

It's spring! 10 Positive Self-Affirmations for the Change of Season

THE CALENDAR MARKS SPRING! Let's defrost body and mind for a new season, preparing them for the best. Experts recommend a few tricks, […]

FEARS and PHOBIAS: knowing them to overcome them

If you also suffer from fears and phobias, watch this video to know: What are [...]
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