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Who is born round CAN die square

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A famous popular proverb of our great-grandparents says:

"He who is born round cannot die square"

What does it mean?

In a synthetic and picturesque way the proverb states that nothing and no one can change its own nature. In other words, like a peach tree cannot become an oak tree and a circle cannot become a square, even a man will hardly change character and way of thinking.

In this video I explain why our great-grandfather and great-grandmother were partly wrong. It shows how, in reality who is born round CAN die square. And also oval, rectangular or trapezoidal.

Everything in the world, natural or artificial, has a specific shape.

Have you ever wondered because? Why does the apple have one shape and the pear another? What determines a form?

The simplest answer is that the SHAPE may be linked to CHARACTERISTICS of an element. In this sense it could be defined the shape as supreme character synthesis, easily understood by everyone and immediately.

It is as if the matter introduces itself by saying

"Nice to meet you, I'm ..."

and tell us about life, death and miracles of an element in a picosecond.

The form reveals past and present, from the outside it makes us understand what there is or could be inside. Line as an expression of an ancestral and universal way of communicating, a real language understandable to all living beings.



If the form is conceived as a detail that reveals the whole, even for human beings the form can be an expression of the whole, announces us to the world with name and surname.


However, the form is not static, it is dynamic. There is a breakthrough discipline developed by Ester Patricia Ceresa that studies the character of the person by analyzing the shapes of the body and face: the MORPHOPHYSIOGNOMIC. The term derives from the Greek words morpho (form) physis (nature) e gnosis (knowledge).

As she explains well in her libro “book MANUAL OF MORPHPHYSIOGNOMICS – Body and face reveal the features of temperament, character and personality - Volume I, the Morphophysiognomics brings attention to how, for example, those who possess great willpower and determination present a tendentially square form while, on the contrary, a person more prone to passivity and procrastination, generally showing round shapes.

In the same way, it shows how the shapes of this same person would become less rounded and always more square if he decided to be more volitive and dynamic. If the character changes, the form also changes accordingly. And viceversa.

The concept is closely linked to that of thought that shapes matter.

Each form has an intellectual meaning: it is the expression of an idea.

(Every form has an intellectual meaning: it is the expression of an idea)

Eugène Ledos – Traité de Physionomie Humaine


There was a particular moment in your life that led to a profound change?

  • Go find at least 5 photographs taken before, during and after that moment, in an arc of 10 years.
  • Observe them carefully and make a comparison
  • What has changed in your appearance?
  • Your features are more square or rounded?

If you have become more square it means that you have become more energetic, more self-confident and decisive and at the same time even more intransigent and less diplomatic. To stay in general terms you have acquired more "masculine" characteristics. Moreover, even in common language we say "That is a square type" to indicate a type of a whole piece.

If the lines are rounded it means that your character has also softened, you are more docile, lovable, sensitive and at the same time you have become even more dreamy and less competitive. To stay in general terms you have acquired more "feminine" characteristics. The female forms are in fact more rounded because they are intended to accommodate the offspring.

This nice test reveals why our great-grandfather and great-grandmother were partly wrong: even if you was born round YOU CAN die square, just change your thinking!

(*) MANUAL OF MORPHPHYSIOGNOMICS - Body and face reveal the features of temperament, character and personality - Volume I - Cisu Editor - Rome

We will experience together in the next course that

If you want to change your thinking you can change your shape.

If you want to change your shape you can change your thinking.

Morphophysiognomics Nuova frontiera del linguaggio del corpo e della comunicazione non verbale

For you 2 Books, 1 Masterclass, more than 50 Free Videos and Playlist


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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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