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Mesmerism, this unknown

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After a long rejection by official medicine, mesmerism, which is due to the doctor Franz Anton Mesmer, is finding new therapeutic applications

Although in the collective dictionary the term ipnosi is now universally known, it is very curious to note how not only in popular language but even in professional trainings, such as for example in clinical hypnosis, we remain extraneous to the knowledge of the phenomenology that gave rise to hypnosis as we know it today.

Nowadays, in fact, many people are completely unaware of where the word Mesmerismo, a term that refers to the teachings and practices of Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), an Austrian physician who popularized a form of therapy known as Animal Magnetism.

Mesmer had realized that every living being is surrounded by what he called a "universal fluid", which responds to the effects of the stars and which can be directed with intention and will from one subject to another.

Translated on the basis of modern knowledge that has revealed the existence of a terrestrial magnetism that influences the various creatures of the earth, the phenomenon today could fall within the field of universal quantum theory and in particular on the study of the phenomenon of the so-called Quantum Entanglement.

A demonstration by Mesmer.

In essence, the experiments conducted in the field of quantum physics have observed how single particles, apparently not connected to each other in any way, manage to communicate and transmit information to each other.

This has possible interesting implications, if referred to human beings, because it could explain numerous "paranormal" manifestations, which still today fall within the ranks of the effects of the Paranormal and Parapsychology, because they are scientifically inexplicable.

Franz Anton Mesmer enjoyed the trust of many patrons of the nobility of European society of his time who, following the evident therapeutic successes, supported and encouraged him in his research.

However, Animal Magnetism was subsequently disqualified by the medical and academic community, also as a consequence of the advent of the French revolution which favored purely positivist thought, i.e. that relating to the exact sciences.

Animal magnetism: a perfect anesthetic?
Followed by the curtain and a guilty silence on the evidence of the effectiveness of mesmeric healing practices, despite the impressive work of James Esdaile (1808-1859) , an English surgeon who in Calcutta, India, performed 73 surgeries in 8 months using animal magnetism as anesthesia.

To think that a surgeon operates is normal, that he does it without anesthesia in very painful surgical operations such as the amputation of limbs, using only hypnosis, is surprising, not only for that era (if we take into account that the ether was used for the first time as an anesthetic only after 1846), but also in modern times it appears as a formidable result.

James Esdaile was a pupil of Elliotson, a fervent Mesmerist who wrote a book entitled Numerous Cases of Surgical Operations Without Pain in the Mesmeric State, where he describes the operations carried out under mesmeric anesthesia.

It is not magic, but a purely scientific approach
Only towards the end of the 1800s, the British surgeon James Braid of Manchester, after having personally observed the demonstrations given by the itinerant mesmerist Charles La Fontaine, attempted to separate the “mystical” belief from the application with a purely scientific approach, the being powerful mesmeric practices consider it as a kind of magic. The result of his studies formed the foundation of some procedures that are still used by hypnotists today.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), Austrian neurologist and psychoanalyst, founder of psychoanalysis, was also interested in mesmerism at the beginning of his career, without however obtaining the results he had witnessed.
So he preferred to give up in favor of mesmerism. association of words, a practice that from then on formed the basis of his therapy and which exploits the power of the word, as opposed to magnetism which exploits the power of silence.

Sigmund Freud.

What happened to the famous psychoanalyst is indicative of a fundamental aspect that is often confused: the instantaneous induction and creation of deep trance states without the use of verbal support, which could even induce catatonic, cataleptic, analgesic or so-called deep coma states. , even on animals, are the result of magnetic force and not hypnotic. Hence the idea that it is a sort of magical practice.

In reality, anyone who is able to have such results in a very short time without the use of the word is in fact a Magnetist and not a Hypnotist who, on the contrary, mainly uses the instrument of verbal or conversational induction. Even this aspect of Animal Magnetism has contributed over the centuries to relegating a natural practice to an obscure and esoteric activity, reserved for the few.

Current applications of Mesmerism
Today things are changing, Mesmerism is making a comeback with its various applications which, far from being limited to those of effective natural remedies, also extend to the field of personal development and growth. The secret key is very simple, it is enough to regain possession of the body, through a path that leads back to one's essential being

The mesmerist is a person in harmony with Nature, a specific path of bodily reintegration has led him to live more and more in the presence of the here and now, with beneficial effects in terms of charisma, personality, attraction of people and opportunities, health and evolution.

As if it were a real "living magnet" it releases energy, vitality and balance, as well as being a bearer and operator of well-being. It could be considered as the human representative of that wonderful balance observable in Nature between plants and animals, which effortlessly manage to live in harmony with the whole.

“All the earth is in harmony, except for man”

It is no coincidence that Dr. Mesmer created La Société de l'Harmonie (The Society of Harmony) precisely  in honor of this principle. A balance achieved and according to Mesmer strangely not innate.
His observations on the interaction between natural elements led him to conclude that All nature is in harmony, except for man ”, thus highlighting the need to re-establish the natural connection that animals and nature exhibit in abundance. Individuals can achieve this by following a path that is conducive to the development of magnetic force and ascent.

Foto di Comfreak da Pixabay

Following this logic, harmony and balance are already in themselves potentially a form of Medicine, implemented by becoming increasingly aware of the universal interconnection; the human being heals from his own pains and can in turn be an operator who influences the state of well-being of his neighbor because all beings in the universe are so connected that it is as if they touched each other (Mesmer) .

What can magnetism offer to the contemporary world?
First of all, we can think that learning these techniques is primarily a path of personal development. Animal magnetism is a practical skill that is learned and developed, based on exercises that serve to improve well-being and vitality, with repercussions in terms of improving life and relationships.

A much more direct path to the subconscious relationship with our energy, we start from the body to have real mental dominion, daily practices are taught aimed at developing energy and awareness, as they are closely related.

The force of Animal Magnetism

Coincidences and synchronicities increase, the body is integrated with the mind in an interconnected system; even in the practice of hypnosis, magnetism has the ability to amplify the beneficial effects as well as making them much more lasting over time.

I personally deal with mesmeric research and training and, like many mesmerists, I was able to personally experiment and collect testimonials on how it is possible employ the force of Animal Magnetism for other uses, such as therapy, coaching, education, the development of the sixth sense, intuition and even in extreme cases of clairvoyance. I also use it in regressive hypnosis sessions.

The truth is that most people who have been treated with mesmeric practices are very happy with these types of techniques and invariably record excellent results.
As for the speed with which the results materialize, it could be explained on the basis of the assumption that the non-verbal message is much denser than the verbal one, since the latter follows the speed of the words. The non-verbal is sometimes immediate.

What is the difference between Magnetism and Mesmerism?
This is one of the most recurring questions in the classroom that would require ample explanatory space. The first is the range of the invisible electromagnetic field that surrounds any human being, the second is the set of techniques and applications used by Dr. Mesmer who exploit the peculiar characteristics of human magnetism such as attractive, therapeutic, communicative, self-healing and other properties for different purposes.

And how does Mesmerism differ from other better known disciplines such as hypnosis and NLP? It could be simplified by saying that while hypnosis allows us to go from one's conscious side to the unconscious, mesmerism on the contrary moves from the unconscious to the conscious side.

If we consider Neuro Linguistic Programming as the discipline of the five senses working in sync, Mesmerism could be defined as the discipline of the sixth sense.

One learns that the main difference between hypnotic work and magnetism is that the former seems to require no "belief", just the application of the procedure. The latter is more of a Path, which develops a kind of personal enlightenment and in this way the parallel with a yogic "self-training" system is valid.

Animal Magnetism has direct therapeutic applications. 

In this video a possible practical demonstration application.

In conclusion, it seems that mesmerism is the missing heart of modern hypnotic therapies as well as a wink to some of the most hidden mystical traditions in history.

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

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