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What does my body want to tell me? The hidden message of diseases - THE SKIN - Ester Patricia Ceresa

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The skin is the largest organ of the human body, protects what's inside from what's outside. It is our natural dress, it represents the border between the intimate and the social world. As a film that covers the entire organism, at an unconscious level it represents the image that a person has of himself, the "film" of how he interpreted his life. Delicate and strong at the same time, the skin is a protective mantle that divides the inner self from the outer self, protecting hidden secrets on an emotional and mental level. It can put us in touch or detach ourselves from others, a serious skin problem could even be a superfine means of distancing ourselves. A repellent skin also becomes a shield: it keeps people away, allows due detachment, it becomes "untouchable".

The skin, generally speaking, relates to the value we give to ourselves, to self-esteem.

Experts say that if you want to understand how the person sees you, just look at his skin. The Morphophysiognomics teaches how this important covering is a well of information about the person: . to understand what's inside just look at what's outside.

If we want to know something more about how we consider ourselves, a great clue comes from the epidermis: try to describe your skin and describe yourself (or better, how you see yourself).

It is like a mirror, it reflects what we think of ourselves outside. 

Furthermore the skin, being the most exposed part, also reveals how sensitive we are to criticism or to the opinions of others, how much importance we give to what others think of us.


If you suffer from a skin problem, here are a number of possible causes to understand the message your body wants to get you

  • You are particularly sensitive to criticisms and judgments of others
  • You worry about what others think of you
  • You often feel inadequate, unable to be yourself
  • You have difficulty loving yourself and accepting yourself as you are
  • You are very sensitive to what happens, you make yourself too easily touch (not only figuratively) by others
  • You are very critical of yourself
  • You would like to "change skin", a total change


Already taking awareness and paying attention to the possible hidden emotional and mental factors can be a giant step. 

In synergy and in support of dermatological medical care, themesmerism has proved particularly effective in the treatment of skin diseases. Me too Hypnosis, self-hypnosis and the NLP3 they can be tools to support improvement, in addition to the breath therapy and that of the light. Good results are also obtained with the Time Line, a singular approach that identifies the precise moment in time in which that type of limiting thought, feeling or belief developed to heal in the present.

Grow up today.

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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