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Three important centers of the complex human system.

When we speak of a human being considered as a whole, East and West agree to identify three systems that interact with each other by coordinating mental, emotional and physiological activity. From the dawn of time and depending on the historical period, the disciplines, the traditions, the currents of study or research, only the words with which these three centers are defined change. For example:

  • in the magnetic world and the Mesmerism: Cerebral, Cardiac and Visceral plexus;
  • in the scientific world: Cortical, Limbic and Reptilian nerve;
  • in the holistic world: Brain, Heart and Body;
  • in the world of Neurosciences and Neuro-linguistic programming: Auditory (A), Visual (V), Kinesthetic (K).
  • in the world of Psychomorphology and Morphophysiognomics: Spiritual, Intellectual and Material.

and so on. Even if with different terms, it is by mutual agreement to attribute to each area the responsibility of the government of very specific functions. Therefore each of the three centers carries out its own specific task in contributing to the proper functioning of the organism and to the psychophysical harmony of the individual. Just like three real brains, they constitute three nerve centers in the intricate network of the complex human system, because they concentrate and coordinate the different intellectual, emotional and physical capacities of each individual.


This area represents the site of the brain activity, home of the cogitatio that is expressed in thoughts, ideas, reflections and imagination. The mind governs both logical and creative thinking and to do this the brain organ it is divided into two zones or hemispheres: right and left.


It is the part of our brain connected to intuition, emotion, dreams, sensations and perceptions, imagination, speculative thinking, creativity and transcendence. In modern times it would be defined as the quantum part of the mind. In this area of ​​the brain the mental map containing the neural programs of each individual is deposited and governs non-verbal analogical communication or body language, as an area directly connected to the person's unconscious.


It is that part of the "Cartesian" brain, directly connected to rational thought, logic, deduction, planning and analysis. Reason in a procedural way with sequential, mathematical and structured terms. In a modern key the linear part of the mind could be defined, this hemisphere is involved for the verbal logical communication, because it is used to elaborate the information sent by the nervous system from the five senses to which it is directly connected.


This area represents the seat of emotional activity, will, vitality, motivation, courage, feeling and perceived. The heart is the home of feelings and resentments, relationships and communication. It is the meeting point between the individual and the outside world, a pulsating vital center that regulates intimate and social life. The emotional center acts as a watershed and a connection at the same time between reason and instinct, it regulates and maintains the "above" in communication with the "below".


This area represents the seat of bodily activities, the home of physiology, instinct and governs matter. The physical body is in turn divided into three instinctive, motor and sexual centers.

The instinctive center regulates the physiological aspect: breathing, nutrition, digestion, metabolism, functioning of equipment, organs and systems.
Themotor center regulates everything related to movement, coordination and action.
The sexual centeron the one hand it accumulates all the energies that reach us, the it transforms and disperses them into other centers, and on the other hand it is responsible for sexuality and reproduction.

The health and the integral psychophysical well-being of the person depend on the balance and harmony between the three centers.

When they work in synergy and synchronicity, alternating and activating themselves when necessary without prevaricating, the person enjoys an excellent state of mental and physical health. Being healthy means that in the person the three brains work in harmony where the first imbalances in favor or disadvantage of one or more centers determines a "suffering" of the system. In general, each of us tends to use a center more and to be consciously aware of it; after all, when we define ourselves, most of us identify without knowing it the main engine of itself. Who is more "reflective", who is more "emotional" and who is even more "instinctive". The reflexive could perhaps complain about difficulty in taking action, the emotional to govern his emotions and the instinctive to rationalize.

For this centering is very important.

Today's rhythms and different social cultures favor imbalances on one side or the other. When we notice an imbalance we can count on a multitude of practices to be able to find the natural state. Among the many available we can choose the one that suits us best.

For example in the coming daysi, just to reintegrate in the daily the healthy practice of balancing the three centers, I point out in the capital an initiative born from my recent collaboration with Asum Spa. 

It's about a series of meetings which are based on the principle Mens sana in corpore sano and are aimed at recovering the presence and physical vigor. They will allow, through targeted exercises and specific techniques, to work on rebalancing and centering of the three plexuses that regulate mind, heart and body, in order to favor an optimal state of health and to regain self-control, vitality, as well as benefit from a new-found harmony between body and mind.

Grow up today.

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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