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THE RIGHT MINDSET FOR CHANGE - Business Aperitif with Self-hypnosis - Webinar

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There is much talk about the fact that COVID-19 will cause a change epochal globally, creating a watershed between a before and an after. When changes have such drastic effects as to threaten the existence of a system, in order to survive, it activates itself to radically change and restore balance.

So a new order. How it will also depend on us and on our way of dealing with traumatic events (or those that a part of our brain classifies as such). The emergency situation provoked by Coronavirus acts as an amplifier of the "natural" way for us to deal with these situations, of the personal response: those who seem to let themselves be carried away by the changes in life, others provoke them, those who deny them, others still fear them so much avoid them or lose sleep at the thought of changing the brand of coffee they drink in the morning.

What is the difference between all these people?

Could it be mental attitude?

And just to help you create the best mental state to live the change in a serene, centered and constructive way, which with great pleasure I accepted the invitation to participate as a speaker at the appointment BUSINESS APERITIF organized by Angela Santi, friend and supercompetent Life & Business Coach, with whom we have already collaborated on an extremely successful initiative: "Secrets of Success".. We will talk about the just Mindset to face the changes. In addition, to speed up and facilitate the process, within the appointment, I will lead you to a live Eerikonian self-hypnosis session!



Free webinar
Autoipnosi guidata in diretta



  • You learn how the mind reacts to change and why it tries to resist very often.
  • Find out what self-hypnosis is and how it can be useful in this historical moment and in general in all phases of change
  • Find out what self-hypnosis is and how it can be useful in this historical moment and in general in all phases of change
  • You experience a mental state of serenity and centering to live well the news, even the unexpected ones
  • At the end, Angela and I will be available for your questions.


Una volta iscritto per partecipare, segui questo LINK >>>

Per ogni evenienza, l’ID del meeting è 7410149166

Crescere oggi.

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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