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How to Read a Person in 3 Minutes

Studio del viso e del corpo in relazione al temperamento, al carattere e alla personalità.

Between Bios and Matter
How your mind shapes your body

Professional Master based on I AM (Instant Analysis Morphophysiognomics) system with a quantum approach to physiognomy. Integrated, multidisciplinary methodology that applies modern scientific findings in quantum physics to the study of the intrinsic correlation between form and substance, that is, between facial and body characteristics in relation to temperament, character, and personality.

Triple system: relational, professional and personal growth. A revolution in the wisdom of nonverbal communication with concrete applications in the field of profiling, in relationship dynamics (with oneself and with others) and for the development and evolution of skills and potential. 

The mind shapes the body and the body shapes the mind. They are interconnected.
At the subatomic level mind and body are interconnected. Science has shown how mass and energy are the same thing. The thoughts, emotions and instincts involving the mind are informed energy transmitted to the cells of the body that make up its mass. Your somatic features, as if they were chapters in the book of your life, can be read. They tell from the beginning your story, your biography, both mental and biological.

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Masterclass con rilascio di titolo e qualifica professionali riconosciute. Abilita all’esercizio e all’iscrizione negli elenchi professionali come Regulated professional ex Law 4/2013

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New frontier in body language

Per te 2 Libri, 1 Masterclass, più di 50 Video Gratis e una playlist Interamente Dedicata

Did you know that il tuo corpo e il tuo viso rivelano più di quanto immagini?

The new morphophysiognomics I AM (Instant Analysis Morphophysiognomics) is a system that I developed, after years of research and experimentation on thousands of subjects, which allows you to know your physical and moral characteristics, your psychology and that of the others.

Imagine the impact it could have on your private life and on your professionalism being able to understand people quickly, even from a simple profile photo, have a personalized portrait of them and get to know their character and personality traits.

How to understand yourself immediately at first sight, how to recognize your uniqueness and that of others in diversity, to better relate to anyone and see your interactions with others improve.

Morphophysiognomy is an innovative, integrated and multidisciplinary methodology aimed at relational and psychophysical well-being. It is the study of the human form in relation to its temperament, character and personality with an extraordinarily practical approach within everyone's reach. Find the relationship between the shapes of the body, face and somatic features with the characteristics of the person. New frontier of non-verbal communication, has its roots in the studies of Aristotle, Hippocrates, Paracelsus and Leonardo Da Vinci, among others, makes a valuable complementary contribution to the already widespread neurosciences that bring attention to the mind-body connection and the correlation still more intriguing between the energy of thought and matter, to the influences of exposure of our cells (DNA) to external environmental factors such as vibrations, cardiac coherence, magnetic fields, thoughts and intentions, such as the science of Epigenetics studies for example.

Morphophysiognomics goes beyond the concept of profile/identikit, to embrace that of identity. A refined system, aimed at the best possible communication both with yourself and with others, therefore allowing you to relate more effectively by being aware of your own and others' uniqueness and diversity. In this sense, also a school of tolerance, it provides access keys for everyone, a practical tool for dealing with the human factor, useful for giving greater impact to one's work and improving interpersonal relationships. An indispensable skill, which takes the person who acquires it to a higher level in terms of relationship and nourishing communication skills.

Che sia per amore, per sesso, per lavoro, per amicizia o anche solo per diletto, la Morfofisiognomica fornisce uno strumento facile e attendibile per arrivare dritti all’essenza della persona attraverso lo studio e l’analisi della sua figura.
When you finish the course you will be able to get in rapport with anyone and read a person in 3 Minutesa revolution for your relationships. No more difficulties to get in instant and authentic rapport. Just magine how your private and professional life can change.

Sources of the method I AM (Instant Analysis Morphophysiognomics)

The roots of Morphophysiognomics lie in the studies of Aristotle, Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Franz Frederick Anton Mesmer, Claude Sigaud, Louis Corman, Paul Ekmann as well as many other enlightened and are reflected in the discoveries of quantum physics

Oltre la genetica, l’epigenetica. Morphophysiognomics and Quantum

Lo sapevi che il tuo aspetto è solo in parte determinato dal tuo DNA? Le recenti scoperte della fisica quantistica rivelano che il nostro DNA è solo in parte determinato, il resto è modellabile e riscrivibile. La nuova Morfofisiognomica collega le forme fisiche alle forme pensiero, alla forma mentis that is, how you live your life. L’attività psichica ha una sua corrispondenza organicahow you look depends not only on genetics, so thoughts, emotions and instincts also condition expressions, gestures and behavior. They are energy that manifests in waves, vibrations and frequencies and in the body in the form of particles. The contained information reaches the atomic particles, the mind "informs" organic matter, and we become co-creators of our appearance as if the mind becomes body. Questo è il punto zero dove Quantum and Morphophysiognomics meet

If your face and body could talk, what would they say about you?

  • Physical and moral characteristics

  • Temperament

  • Character

  • Personality

  • Highlights

  • Weaknesses

  • Innate inclinations, abilities and aptitudes

  • Inclinations, abilities, attitudes to develop

  • innate talents

  • Talents to develop

  • Vices and virtues

  • Study and professional orientation

  • Relationships and feelings

  • Personal and biological history

  • General state of health, dyscrasias and syncrasies

  • Sexuality

  • Ideal path of growth, development and personal fulfilment

What is it for?

  • To better understand each other and create rapport

  • By orientation of studies, on the basis of the inclinations of each one.

  • For guidance and job placement, in relation to professional aptitudes.

  • For life orientation, in harmony with one's nature.

  • For sentimental orientation, knowing how to choose the right partner for us while avoiding disappointments.

  • For guidance on health and well-being, it provides valuable indications for living healthy, in balance and harmony with nature and people

  • By therapeutic orientation, it helps therapists to have a more human relationship and be more effective at a diagnostic and curative level.

  • It is a well of hidden information essential for research and self-knowledge

  • It is a school of tolerance: it provides indications and elements for truly understanding others, significantly improving interpersonal relationships in every sphere of life, both private and professional.

  • It allows you to gain real self-awareness because it identifies the elements to improve on a mental, emotional and physical level for your personal evolution and the achievement of life goals in line with your values

  • Reveals the uniqueness inherent in each of us to make the most of it in diversity

  • To arrive earlier, save time and be sure of success: a glance and we immediately understand who we are dealing with to seize the best opportunities for everyone

  • It helps to understand the real needs of others and our own, even the unaware ones, in order to be able to satisfy them and make ourselves useful

  • It prevents us from making mistakes because it makes us capable of always "saying and doing" the best thing with everyone in every situation to perfection

  • It is a tool for personal enrichment

  • It is a methodology for tracing the possible psychophysical profile of a person complementary to all those used today and makes the analysis even more precise and punctual

  • It allows you to "read minds" to understand if we can trust the other to be sure

  • To discover another map of ourselves to follow to get to what we want for ourselves

  • To have self-control, check references on each person and ourselves

Academy Master Trainer in Hypnosis & Coaching expert in Quantum NeuroTraining & Personality. Counselor Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. Trainer of Trainers.

Si occupa di sviluppo del potenziale umano con attività di ricerca, formazione e consulenza. Academy Master Trainer of Trainers in Hypnosis, Mesmerism, Quantum Psychology, Enneagram, NVC & NLP3, is an author and international speaker expert in human sciences, behavioral studies and analysis. She holds a Master's degree in Quantum and Health Sciences and and works internationally, collaborating with various academies, universities, research centers and training institutions. He has trained more than 10,000 people. He has collaborated on partnership projects, articles and publications with training schools, universities and companies in 14 countries and 3 continents.

Grazie alla sua passione per gli studi sull’analisi comportamentale e alla personale ricerca sperimentale su migliaia di soggetti di diversa razza e nazionalità, sia in aula che a studio dove riceve privatamente a Roma, Milano, Nizza e Londra, ha elaborato la nuova Morfofisiognomica, una metodologia innovativa nel campo delle discipline sul Linguaggio del Corpo mirata al benessere psicofisico e centrata sulla ricerca d’identità, considerata come la nuova frontiera della comunicazione non verbale. Autrice del “Manuale di Morfofisiognomica – Corpo e volto rivelano i tratti del temperamento, del carattere e della personalità – Volume I”, edito da CISU e disponibile anche in oltre 720 librerie universitarie. Ha pubblicato in lingua rumena “Cum Sa Citesti O Persoana In 3 Minute. Morfofizionomie Practica editor Letras

Collabora con diverse realtà formative sia in Italia che all’estero, partecipa a numerosi progetti internazionali in qualità di consulente esperta, oltre a contribuire con articoli e ricerche sui principali magazine e riviste di settore.

In particular, she collaborates as an expert in several European Community Erasmus+ projects and institutional programs of behavioral studies, including criminal profiling, 
President of I.P.C.A International Professional Coaching Association, a promoting body of many international initiatives and congresses in the field of Coaching and Hypnosis. She is also the founder of multiple associations that contribute to the dissemination of knowledge on Neuroscience and BioQuantum, promoting the study and development of knowledge of a new approach to psychophysical health based on the application of modern discoveries of science in the field of quantum physics.

A chi è utile?

  • Anyone who is in contact with the public to best relate to whoever shows up

  • Professionals – to do their job better

  • Allopathic medicine doctors – to have complementary diagnostic tools, increase empathy with the patient and therapeutic efficacy

  • Counselor, Coach to do faster, better and have lasting results

  • Alternative, holistic, integrated medicine therapists to get a new concept of harmony and have a global approach

  • Professors, teachers, trainers to "signify", leave a mark in the didactic training of their students and promote the best learning

  • Marketing experts and merchants to customize the sale and build customer loyalty

  • Behavioral experts to have an extra profiling tool

  • Judges, magistrates and lawyers to best perform the public service in respect of the citizen and his uniqueness.

  • Executives, directors, politicians, to be loved and followed, to have leadership and charisma.

  • Parents, family, friends and partners to have harmonious relationships

  • Artists to improve their performances, giving more character to their works

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When you finish the course you will be able to get in rapport with anyone si presenti a te in 3 minutiBy drastically changing your interpersonal relationships, you will free yourself from the effort you make to understand and make yourself understood by others. Imagine how it would change your personal and professional life and how many things you can do.

How to Read a Person in 3 Minutes

Studio del viso e del corpo in relazione al temperamento, al carattere e alla personalità.

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