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BLOCK FACES - Morphophysiognomy in Condominium Meeting - FREE WEBINAR

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An initiative outside the box of Free Directors, a circuit of condominium administrators who want to make a difference and create a new generation of professionals! When Marco Pietroforte, head of group training, invited me to contribute with a training intervention, my imagination immediately launched wildly into masterful evolutions and, I accepted amused, teased by the theme.

The condominium meeting is part of the ancestral fears of the homus italicus, a place full of shadows where the average citizen turns into a gladiator, even the unsuspected old woman can prove to be a ruthless enemy. There are talks of fierce fratricidal disputes, the theater of meanness and meanness, the arduous task of the administrator to mediate and at the same time save his self-esteem from the likely defamatory epithets.

If you are also a condominium administrator and you want to finally understand who you are facing at the meeting, how to communicate better and have effective exchanges with each of your condominiums to work peacefully, connected and open the doors to a new professionalism. There Morphophysiognomics it gives you a higher gear than your colleagues, precious innovative skills that will distinguish you from others.

And at your next condominium meeting there will be a full house, already at the first Assembly call!

CAUTION: Event open to all, even to enthusiasts and curious, not only to condominium administrators.

Crescere oggi..

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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