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Techniques, guidelines and operational protocols for the practice of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. 

Incontrare l’anima gemella potrebbe essere tutt’altro che solo una questione di fortuna. Puoi creare deliberatamente una relazione ideale con il partner dei tuoi sogni. Nel corso degli anni, lavorando su me stessa e con i clienti, ho scoperto che non serve la bacchetta magica, ma una “formula magica”, un preparato dove fra i compiti compito principale c’è quello di dire all’Universo cosa vuoi in un partner e in una relazione, oltre a creare le condizioni favorevoli perché questo avvenga.

How? There are several ways, below is a short list of 10 steps, the salient ones to be combined with the self-hypnosis technique to be done for at least 30 days. Your soulmate is the way you want it and there is someone out there who embodies it perfectly. Before we get into how to attract her, let us first understand what type she is. Defining your soulmate, the one who is meant for you, the one who will be your partner. Even the Morphophysiognomy can be very useful in this sense, to understand each other even better .

1. List – The more specific you are, the more the universe will understand what you want. Feel free to ask for the moon, let your imagination run wild. Get into the vibe if you have to; play some romantic music, light some candles, watch your favorite love movie. Sit back, relax and let your imagination take the reins.

2. What yes, what not – This exercise is useful for clarity. Take a piece of paper and draw a vertical line down the center. On the one hand you put what you want in a relationship and the qualities you want in a partner and on the other hand what you don't want. Simply list them. The comparison helps you to have clearer ideas. When you're done, tear off the side of what you don't want and throw it away. Now focus your attention and intention only on what you want – your soul mate! I advise you to combine this guided self-hypnosis exercise, aimed at acquiring the ability to choose the best occasions and opportunities for us and for our lives.

3. Forgive - It is vitally important when attracting a soul mate to forgive yourself and others. Forgiving is more about you than the person who hurt you. When you cling to the emotional charges from a past love or relationship, you create a wall around you that blocks your soulmate and prevents her from coming to you. Forgiveness allows you to take back your power, release the past and make room for the new – your soulmate, in fact. This easy  guided self-hypnosis exercise can help you let go.

4. Get rid of the baggage of the past - The suitcase we carry with us is actually full of our negative or limiting beliefs about ourselves, about love, about relationships. It also contains old emotional wounds that are still stuck in our body and mind. Carrying around this baggage can bog you down and create a layer of "stinky crap" that prevents you from attracting your soul mate. Both in classroom and in study, we experiment with different emotional release methods  that free the person from their own knits.

5. Release the need - This means you stop needing someone to complete you or fill the gaps in your life. You are already a complete person; at the same time, you are also constantly evolving and growing. Keep working on yourself to become increasingly aware of your needs and related problems. It is important to cure insecurity and emotional dependence. Remember that you can contact me for guidance or to start a journey together .

6. Create a vacuum - If your schedule is so full that you don't have time for a partner, then there's also a lack of space to fit them in. It becomes imperative to make room in your schedule and in your home for your soulmate. You are creating a vacuum, and the universe will do what it takes to fill this vacuum. Some suggestions: free up some drawers, free up space in your closet, sleep on one side of the bed, leave a seat free at the table. The universe will spring into action to fill the space with your soulmate.

7. Live authentically - It's really important to let your essence shine. It is so important to be YOU, to be your authentic self. Find your inner peace, take care of yourself, inside and out. Like attracts like.

8. Come se – Vivi come se la tua anima gemella fosse già nella tua vita. Invece di desiderarla, sentila come se fosse già presente. mantieni dentro di te la convinzione che è già con te in forma vibrazionale e che sai che la sua manifestazione fisica è in arrivo. Sentire “come se” significa sentire la tua anima gemella con tutti i cinque sensi. Prenditi del tempo ogni giorno per visualizzarla  con sempre maggiori dettagli. Come ci si sente a cenare insieme? Come ci si sente a guardare un film insieme? Che emozione ti dà la sua voce? Cosa provi quando vi abbracciate? Quando ti impegni sull’aspetto della sensazione, stai davvero stimolando il tuo potere di manifestazione in allineamento con i tuoi desideri e la vibrazione che emetti ha quindi maggiori possibilità di arrivare al ricevente.

9. Gratitude - Take time every day to express gratitude for all that you have in your life and for all that you will have, once again as if you already have it. It is good to be ready and receptive to what is coming, all the time. Good things come when we open ourselves to them. Arms and hands open, give thanks for today.

10. Distaccati, permetti e apri la porta – Come facciamo al compleanno una volta espresso il desiderio rilascialo all’universo e confida sul fatto che la tua anima gemella stia arrivando. Lavora sulla presenza, sul tuo magnetismo personale, sulla fascinazione e sul potenziamento del tuo sguardo di seguito troverai il link a degli esercizi da fare. Un percorso sarebbe l’ideale ( Un percorso sarebbe l’ideale (prossime date Magnetismo e Fascinazione 17/20 Dicembre 2021 e dal 31 Marzo al 4 Aprile 2022) per sviluppare tutto il tuo potenziale attrattivo. (continua a leggere..)

Note: After following the steps and 30 days of listening, at least once a day, you will notice a change in your experience. Email me to share your progress!  

In case you have had previous experiences that have blocked you, if you also combine presence exercises you will give an even greater impact to your change.


▶️  Sessione per superare i blocchi con l’ipnosi.

▶️ Presence exercise 1 

▶️ Presence exercise 2 

▶️ Esercizio sguardo magnetico 

These are generic procedures. Whatever your goal, controlling change is a matter of enjoying personal responsibility, having the pleasure of being and having. So personalize, choose the one that resonates the most in you and that will help you improve, carefully choose the sensory, sound or visual suggestions (***) to guide your unconscious. 

(***) Do you need to create a hypnosis or self-hypnosis session tailored to you? Contact me for a free quote.




Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis from A to Z: a ​​complete manual of theory and practice.

This course consists of over 45 lessons and will provide you with a practical understanding of how the human mind works and how to use the hypnosis as a natural tool to potentially improve any area of your life.

New lessons every month

FREE ONLINE HYPNOSIS AND SELF-HYPNOSIS COURSE Part 1. The first 6 basic lessons are free . Take some time to study it and try the techniques on your friends and family, to immediately experience the benefits of what is a true remedy of nature. To facilitate learning and practice, new lessons will be published every month, also born from the experience in Clinical Hypnosis of the American School of Hypnosis.

Complete online course of HYPNOSIS and SELF-HYPNOSIS – Part 2. If you decide that you like it, you can continue with the lessons of the second part, an ongoing structured path where new lessons are added every month, as if it were classroom teaching developed over the course of the academic year. If you would like to participate in our courses to learn live, have an important experience or maybe even a profession (moreover today in great demand), contact me to meet. In any case, the study and application of this manual will become your personal baggage of acquired knowledge and experience.

Good study!

Here you will find everything you always wanted to know about hypnosis but never dared to ask

Grow up today.

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