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Lesson 34 – HypnoGuida #3 Overcoming the fear of flying

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Techniques, guidelines and operational protocols for the practice of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. 

One in ten adults suffer from a fear of flying and suffer from anxiety symptoms of varying severity. Airline companies are well aware of this as they face daily situations of concern which, in the most serious cases, can seriously compromise safety. And if fear is real panic, things get complicated, it becomes phobia and comes to interfere with everyday life up to condition the existence of the person, with strong limitations both in private and professional life. In these cases, even the mere thought of an imminent flight often triggers anguish, the person is no longer able to concentrate and experiences the days that precede it as a nightmare. So flights and travel are avoided, and at the same time pressure from the family and perhaps even employers increases.

The fear of flying can also be considered metaphorically as a fear of living one's dreams, of being successful, of rising from one's condition. The person may tend to prefer certainties and chooses to stay at low altitude, instead of flying over the obstacles that arise in the journey of his life, he avoids them: in the same way, by correlation, he also avoids the plane where we are inevitably forced to letting go of what happens.

Man by his nature does not fly, if a slight restlessness before a flight is part of the normal concerns that activate natural defenses, raising the attention threshold, in the event that instead it comes to limit individual freedom it is good to intervene, first of all working on self-presence .

Although the statistics show that today the plane is the safest means of transport, even for our own legs, most of the interventions aimed at rationally convincing those who are afraid of flying about the almost complete safety of flight are unsuccessful, because the our mind creates feelings of anxiety when it believes we are in danger. Protecting us is the primary function of our subconscious, so if something is seen as a threat, our unconscious intervenes in our defense. Fear by its nature is irrational, "fifa is fifa" and does not want to hear reasons, it scoffs at the statistics.

For this reason the hypnosis treatments intervene on perception, in addition to providing reassuring information, they act on the interaction between the subconscious and the body, aim to change our thoughts and therefore the behaviors associated with flying, making it a more positive experience, connected to a feeling of liberation and safety.

After 21 days of this self-hypnosis practice, at least once a day, you will be able to fly again in complete freedom (continue reading..)


▶️  Sessione per superare i blocchi con l’ipnosi.

▶️ Esercizio respirazione consapevole da abbinare

These are generic procedures. Whatever your goal, controlling change is a matter of enjoying personal responsibility, having the pleasure of being and having. So personalize, choose the one that resonates the most in you and that will help you improve, carefully choose the sensory, sound or visual suggestions (***) to guide your unconscious. 

(***) Do you need to create a hypnosis or self-hypnosis session tailored to you? Contact me for a free quote.




Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis from A to Z: a ​​complete manual of theory and practice.

This course consists of over 45 lessons and will provide you with a practical understanding of how the human mind works and how to use the hypnosis as a natural tool to potentially improve any area of your life.

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Complete online course of HYPNOSIS and SELF-HYPNOSIS – Part 2. If you decide that you like it, you can continue with the lessons of the second part, an ongoing structured path where new lessons are added every month, as if it were classroom teaching developed over the course of the academic year. If you would like to participate in our courses to learn live, have an important experience or maybe even a profession (moreover today in great demand), contact me to meet. In any case, the study and application of this manual will become your personal baggage of acquired knowledge and experience.

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