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Coincidences and Synchronicity

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In a quantum system where everything is interconnected, coincidences and synchronicities surpass the concept of purely magical and random to fall into the category of "Cause / Effect". Indeed, in a higher category, that of the "Cause / Infinite Possible Effects".

In unsuspected times, when quantum was spoken only among physicists, the question was first dealt with by the illustrious Swiss psychoanalyst psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, who, in 1929 coined the term SYNCHRONICITY to indicate that particular category of coincidences that are significant for the person.


Both are defined as "striking occurrences of two or more events at the same time", these are simultaneous events with no apparent logical link or continuity.

The fundamental difference lies in the meaning attributed to events, or in hidden symbolism.


In coincidences the events coincide in an apparently casual way returning in the pure calculation of the possibilities, while in the synchronicity of events coincident in appearance accidental I'm in reality connected to each other in a causal way and they acquire a particular, very specific meaning in the existential context of the person, who finds a message, a suggestion, a direction, an indication or even an illuminating intuition. In other words, if the seeker finds, in synchronicity he finds the various possibilities for her. What differentiates nonsense from what a sense has instead.

If the coincidence is a phenomenon of chance that has no relevance except the statistical one, synchronicity acquires an importance for the observer who links it to his own inner world, the origin and cause of the phenomenon itself.


Tizio and Caio old schoolmates meet casually after 30 years in the same train compartment.


Tizio thinks about how nice it would be to see Caio his old school friend and meet casually after 30 years in the same train compartment.


If we consider the universe organized in a binary structure of question and answer where the human request corresponds to a cosmic response and vice versa, it becomes easy to understand why Tizio met Caio: he asked for it! On a level that we still cannot explain in an exhaustive manner, he sent an input which in turn activated the mechanism of solving cosmic intelligence.

Do you know how many inventions in the world were born of synchronicity? Just read the testimonials to be impressed by the case studies. Only those who deny the evidence can deny causality by continuing to appeal to chance.

If synchronicity is the cosmic response to the human question then we could speculate and reason also in inverse terms or we could consider the coincidence as the human response to the cosmic question.

Following this logic, the coincidence could symbolically contain an official statement on what the universe wants from us, far from having no sense it has all the same for the so-called destiny. It's a occult meaning who asks only with patience to be revealed, this is why when we attack with impunity to ignore the question the coincidences increase, because we are called to the universal order to guarantee the performance of the task that in a certain sense has been assigned to us in the design of the Great Architect.


Here we do not talk about what we want for ourselves, let it stay for a moment: it is what contains the elementary particle, what the initial impulse of life wants from us. Transcending what we wish for us could be what destiny wants from us and shows us the way.

This could explain why sometimes, despite all our efforts, commitment, determination and discipline, some of our projects just don't come true, as if the universe conspires against us with unforeseen circumstances, difficulties, impediments and more. put it more.

It is the notorious moment of "But why does it all happen to me? "


The question remains open and exciting, there are so many ways to consider a simultaneous event: as pure coincidence, as a divine signal, as synchronicity. In the latter case, at the present stage of believing it or not believing it becomes an individual choice of free will.

One might believe in the case, life as a series of more or less fortunate circumstances and coincidences that happen independently of us and that have nothing to do with our inner world.

You could believe in synchronicity, in the possibility of creating our life experience with this simple law of attraction because there is everything you need for everyone: that "magic of life"To which Jung refers where these external phenomena are only the reflection and the unconscious symbolic manifestation.

You might be aware that the invisible essence of everything on the planet is interconnected, recognizing the power of thoughts and carefully starting to choose those that are most useful for self-realization to foster synchronicities in your life.

If you haven't done it yet watch this video which may be useful to you.

And then, if you want, tell me what happens.. We will comment on it together.

Grow up today.

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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