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Animal Magnetism according to Kepler, Paracelsus and Mesmer

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The doctor Franz Anton Mesmer, studying the influence of the stars on man made the sensational discovery of an admirable power capable of curing many evils and that he baptized Animal Magnetism.

In the corridors of wisdom it is rumored that this knowledge has been taken away from the ultra-millennial monopoly of a few and that it was well known in esoteric circles as an occult science: according to this hypothesis, the well-known Viennese doctor did nothing but make it a heritage of humanity bringing it to the attention of academic sciences and raising it to the status of natural science.

In fact, the history of magnetism is lost in time, its power has been used since ancient times for many applications, not just curative ones.

All civilizations practiced it, even though it was known by different names.

It is for example the one Knef of the Egyptian civilization, the Mitra of the Persians, the New Power of the Etruscans, theAura of Life of Aristotle, the list could occupy pages and pages because it is part of the culture also of the Jews, of the Assyrians, of the Asian Indians where still today it remains common practice.

The disciples of the god Aesculapius temple were called dreams, used animal magnetism as a diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Going further in time we meet three distinguished doctors from different eras, but closely linked in the research: an alchemist botanist, an astronomer and a doctor: Paracelso, Keplero and Mesmer. What does it mean magnetism for them?


From the stars came down, and with no one else magnale

According to Paracelsus, a botanist, alchemist, Swiss physician and astrologer who lived between 1493 and 1541, magnetism is a fundamental force that comes from the stars, which supports the whole universe and produces all the phenomena of nature.


Anima Mundi

According to Giovanni Kepler, astronomer, mathematician and cosmologist who lived between 1571 and 1630 who discovered and dictated the famous three laws that govern the movement of the planets, magnetism is in some way the soul of the physical world contained in the planetary bodies that move in the firmament.


Le fluid universel

According to Franz Anton Mesmer, a German doctor who lived between 1734 and 1815, founder of the theory of Animal Magnetism and the movement of mesmerism, there is a reciprocal influence between the celestial bodies, the earth and living beings, a fluid universally spread by properties miraculous.


Did you know that Animal Magnetism is also useful for Regressions as much as Hypnosis?

Magnetic regressions are even more decisive because they release the memories trapped in the body

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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Ester Patricia Ceresa

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