Quantum Power of Silence


Dal 26 al 29 Maggio 2023 | 10:30 AM – 03:30 PM


Dal 9 al 12 giugno 2023 | 10:30 AM – 03:30 PM

Mesmerism, Fascination, Nonverbal Hypnosis & Quantum Training Essential

Magnetism initiation, symbols, seals and non-verbal hypnosis.

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Back to the source of the future


Discover your inner gold and develop the force of Nature within you

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” 

World Health Organization

What are hypnosis, mesmerism, fascination, quantum psychology and how do they relate to my well-being?
What are they for and how can they contribute to my daily good health?

Hypnosis has been recognized for twenty years by the WHO (World Health Organization) as an effective therapy to support some pathologies.
It can act on the great evils of our century, including pain, tobacco addiction, 'obesity, stress or even phobias. Now, many surgeries are performed under hypnosis, without any anesthesia. Integrated medicines, ie medicines that combine traditional and alternative methods (hypnosis, magnetism, quantum medicine, flower therapy, bioenergetics, homeopathy, etc.) are enjoying growing success all over the world. We look for "alternative" ways when in reality they have always been there. People are becoming more and more aware of their body's NATURAL ability to repair itself and how to stay healthy beyond a disconnected mind-body and human-nature view, seeking to further rationalize the use of drugs and quantum medicine in this sense is opening up new therapeutic frontiers.

Where do hypnosis, magnetism, and quantum meet?

An experiential educational path to discover the "fil rouge" between past, present and future, where conscious and unconscious, science and consciousness meet. In order to make a huge leap forward, one must take a step back. To enter the world of animal magnetism and practice the methodology of mesmerism, fascination and quantum, it is therefore necessary to return to an interconnected vision between the Universe and Man, taking into account the laws of biology, traditional physics and quantum physics. The connection between Bios and Cosmos.

A unique seminar in Romania. Discover your inner gold and develop the strength you have as a gift from MOTHER NATURE.

You will experience hands-on: mesmerism, non-verbal hypnosis, fascination and quantum.

The power of the human being is connected to the power of the Universe

We will learn fascinating and useful things about the quantum world, magnetism, symbols, seals and more that stimulate the beneficial responses of our unconscious, returning to an approach of universal interconnectedness conducive to a state of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is a union of natural forces.

This event is FOR YOU if you are in the medical, psychological, therapeutic, holistic, neuroscience, hypnosis, counseling or coaching fields.

Even if you are not a practitioner, the seminar is for you if you desire strong positive transformation.

A 5 full days of training, full immersion into a practical initiatory experiential path aimed at discovering the meeting point between the quantum and the magnetic worlds, and the development of Animal Magnetism and its properties with the modern quantum approach to information and non-local correlation (Quantum Entanglement).

You will learn and acquire the essential practical skills of Mesmerism and Fascination acting in the quantum of the "Here and Now", working on the presence and effects of intention in the quantum field. A return to the origins of Hypnosis and many other disciplines with the use of original techniques by dr. Franz Anton Mesmer and his students, implemented by the modern quantum approach.

Mesmerism is enhanced by the practice of self-remembering and living in the present; this includes learning to stop the internal dialogue. Opening your essence of self and connecting to the universe is IMPOSSIBLE until our internal chatter takes over and it CANNOT be intentionally self-controlled. True Mesmerism will bring you in touch with your inner original power, mostly forgotten in today's world, and will also give you the ability to use knowledge to profoundly influence the energy systems and thought processes of others.

By learning Mesmerism you also learn to develop your external "immediate perception", a state called "Presence". With presence we overcome the "body-mind" dissociation that makes human beings seemingly different from animals.

Learning these techniques is simple; they are very effective and immediately applicable because they are based on the simple equation of Nature.

Going back to the deep self can have IMMEDIATE and SURPRISING results, living in this deeper connection within us heightens perception to the point where it can feel like MIND-to-MIND communication.

A short list of what you will learn in this course:

  • Quantum Mindset breaking behavior patterns and reprogramming
  • Detachment from cognitive past/present/future
  • Recovery of presence: living the "Here and Now"
  • Quantum Interconnection (Quantum Entanglement for Mind and Body Healing)
  • Recovery and use of inner resources
  • Acquisition of practical improvement tools
  • Balancing intellectual, emotional and instinctual structure
  • Achievement and maintenance of centering and verticality
  • Spirit/mind/body balance for mental and physical health
  • Self esteem work
  • Goal Achievement
  • INSTANT Magnetic Report
  • Exponential increase in interpersonal and professional skills
  • Acquisition of very RARE professional skills known only by a few in the world


Non-Verbal HypnosisQuantumMorphophysiognomics, MesmerismErmetismoFascination

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Quantum and magnetic world. Co-Creation of reality. 

Introduction to Quantum Physics

Introduction to Quantum Psychology

Introduction to Quantum Medicine

Introduction to the PNEI approach


The first step to rediscover Mesmerism is to adopt a vision of the Universe in which man is part of it.

Paracelsus claimed that:The charlatan studies diseases in diseased organs, where he finds only the effects, remaining ignorant as to the causes. The true doctor studies the causes of diseases, studying the universal man”.

Dr. Mesmer stressed that achieving this state of mind is more easily understood by paying more attention to the larger natural elements; like the sky, the earth, the rivers and the sea. By opening up to the natural energetic order, a new and powerful awareness of the "I" begins to open.


Learn to use and apply the Charm. Quantum Entanglement: Subatomic particles are able to communicate instantaneously regardless of their distance.

When we magnetize a person, we create a "common space" in which emotions and moods are transmitted from one to another, we give and receive each other a part of the other (non-localized correlation).

Healing in this phase is very simple, because it is enough to allow the person to get in touch with his true nature. It is impossible to understand "hypnotic fascination" without understanding the concept of mesmerism.


To work in the non-verbal world it is necessary to know how to create a mental vacuum. Silence to hear the silence.

The third and very important step in the development of mesmerism is being able to create a state conducive to listening to intuition, inner voices and voluntarily stopping our internal chatter. Being in the “Here and Now”. Presence is achieved with an organic system, which, compared to other systems of thought, can be defined as "creative" or "awakening". We work on ourselves to recreate a “homo totus” (global man).


Doctors, psychologists, therapists, holistic and neuroscience operators, hypnotists, hypnotheraphist counselors and anyone who wants to embark on a powerful path of improvement.

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    Ester Patricia Ceresa

    Academy Master Trainer in Hypnosis & Coaching expert in Quantum NeuroTraining & Personality. Counselor Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. Trainer of Trainers.

    Academy Master Trainer in Hypnosis & Coaching expert in Quantum NeuroTraining & Personality. Counselor Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. Trainer of Trainers. Author, researcher, teacher and international speaker expert in Hypnosis, Mesmerism, Quantum Psychology, Enneagram, NVC and NLP3, she deals with the development of human potential. Thanks to her passion for behavioural analysis studies and personal experimental research on thousands of subjects of different race and nationality, both in the classroom and in the studio where he receives privately in Rome, Milan, Nice and London, she has developed the new Morphophysiognomy, an innovative methodology in the field of disciplines on body language aimed at psychophysical well-being and centered on identity research, considered as the new frontier of non-verbal communication. Author of "Morphophysiognomy Manual - Body and face reveal the features of temperament, character and personality - Volume I", edited by CISU and also available in over 720 university bookstores. President of I.P.C.A International Professional Coach Association, promoter of events and conferences in the field of Neurosciences, Coaching and Hypnosis. She collaborates several academies and free universities in different countries, also she participates to numerous international projects as an expert consultant, as well as contributing with articles and research on the main sector magazines.

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