I deal with the development of human potential.

My job is to guide the person towards a complete personal growth, making them aware of all the resources at their disposal and able to use them for its complete realization, overcoming any problematic states that can sometimes be encountered during a lifetime.


The working methodology I apply is wide-ranging because it draws on both ancient and modern practices and knowledge.

In particular, the analysis and evaluation of the sources ranges from the millennial esoteric knowledge of human development to the most recent and innovative technologies of change presented by modern neurosciences.




To do this I use many useful tools to overcome the patterns of linear thought, characterized by a logical structure that by its very nature has limited possibilities, towards a quantum-type thought, which, on the contrary, presents a probabilistic structure and demonstrates having practically boundless infinite possibilities.

These are unique evolutionary protocols, characterized by practical and sometimes immediate feedback. These protocols use and combine the best of practical techniques of:

✓ Quantum Psychology - The way of everything and nothing, self-perception as energy

✓ Hypnosis - The way of the unconscious mind

✓ Morpho-physiognomy - The way of human architecture

✓ The Fourth Way by Georges Ivanovič Gurdjieff - The way of the machine man's awakening

✓ Enneagram of the personality - The way of the diagram of the soul

✓ Mesmerism - The Path of Animal Magnetism by Franz Anton Mesmer

✓ Fascination - The way of the gaze and the mirror

✓ Presence - The way of zero thinking

✓ NLP3 - The way of infinite resources and capabilities, a winning model

✓ Lux Mind - The way of Light

✓ Conscious breathing - The Mazdaznan way

✓ Non-verbal communication - The way of the body's secret language

✓ Coaching - The way of the questions they solve

✓ Hermeticism - The way of symbols

✓ Alchemy - The way of the elements

✓ Ancient classical Greek-Arabic medicine - The way of the Four Temperaments