Thus resolves his eternal indecision - Hypnosis Real Case Video

Our unconscious does not have the word, it has body language to be able to express themselves. What we perhaps don't know is that any mood is represented unconsciously through symbols. Not only that, as it is verbalized on a rational level (say for example: I am disheartened) I am also on an irrational level (the body says the same thing through a posture).

For contingent reasons, when I was contacted by M. we could do only one treatment. For years he had difficulty making even the smallest decision and, swinging between this and that choice ended up making none. Consequence: stasis in many areas of his professional and private life. Despite the very tight times, we still decided to meet and proceed with an impact approach, using not only hypnosis but also non-verbal hypnosis and mesmerism.

In this video we propose a very interesting case where you have evidence, through a real physical representation, how the person experiences it unconsciously problems (decision-making swing), her resolution (arrest of the swing) and the renovation following (first steps to generate new behavior).


Awareness of the problem, its possible solution and final restructuring are processed by the body in synergy with the mind, while the various steps take place without words but with the facts surprising the person who is amazed at himself.

The unconscious went beyond our own doubts: in this case only one session was sufficient.

Evolution, today.


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