New communication paradigm developed by dr. Marco Paret, is a unique model that brings together the best techniques of pure Neurolinguistic Programming with Hypnosis, the Enneagram and Non Verbal Communication.

"NLP boosted with hypnosis and updated at the quantum level for irresistible communication"

dr. Marco Paret - NLP and NLP3 - 2009

NLP3 represents the evolution of NLP, an enigmatic acronym unknown to most people, although famous among communication and neuroscience experts. A discipline born from the study of communication models towards the end of the last century, widespread all over the world today.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming

In this video a brief and effective description to know in a few minutes what it is.

At the base of NLP & NLP3 there are thousands of tests, experiments, researches and verifications carried out at his school and elsewhere, in order to identify a universal communicative structure, a model practically applicable to everyone.

NLP3 was born in the field, among people.

It accurately identifies the different access keys of each of us, to understand and better understand others and open the doors to unprecedented communication based on quantum principles.

Infallible system to create INSTANT RAPPORT, a state of grace in human communication in which the subjects involved in the interaction enter into total correlation to a quantum level in which thoughts, images and sensations are "magically" transmitted from one to the other, to understand each other seriously.

The NLP3 provides a very useful tool to refine the knowledge of human behavior and its interactions, proposing ad hoc communicational approaches for all, even for the types commonly defined as "difficult".

The secret of the extraordinary efficacy of this paradigm is the union of communication disciplines, already in themselves singularly very capable, such as NLP, Hypnosis, the Enneagram and Non Verbal Communication.

Put together to work in synergy in a single model constitute a power.

Evolution, today.

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