Animal Magnetism, so defined by the Viennese doctor Franz Anton Mesmer who first studied its phenomenology, is a vital force genetic heritage of humanity and of every living being preserved in a beneficial "Universal Fluid" that unites all creation.

There is a mutual influence between the celestial bodies, the earth and the animate bodies.

Franz Anton Mesmer - Memory on the discovery of Animal Magnetism - 1779

According to F.A. Mesmer all celestial bodies, earth and living beings are interconnected.

The source rests in a partially lost knowledge and is based on the Egyptian tradition, in many hieroglyphic representations it is possible to admire ancient Priests, Kings and Queens intent on magnetically radiating people for their healing and spiritual elevation.

The idea is that man retains within himself powerful forces of Nature and the Universe capable of effects considered extraordinary but that in the magnetic world are considered extraordinarily ordinary. Animal Magnetism is a silent and invisible force yet perceptible to anyone, makes man charismatic and manifests itself in successful personal and professional relationships.

That of mesmerism is a precious daily practice for the psychophysical well-being of the person because it allows to develop and maintain an optimal state of physical and mental health. In a completely natural way, without drugs and without contraindications it stimulates vitality: the magnetic man is healthy by Nature.

Mesmerism is the Kingdom of the Nonverbal where the Body speaks the language of silence and is carefully listened to because it has so many things to say and teach. Father of many disciplines including Frenology, Breuer and Freud's Psychoanalysis, Jung's Analytical Psychology, Frankl's Logotherapy, Lowen's Bioenergetics, Reich Orgone Energy, Parapsychology, Schultz's Autogenic Training and Hypnosis, his favorite daughter.

Over the centuries, studies on its infinite practical applications have also led to transcendental and metaphysical soils such as the magnetic somnambulism discovered by the Marquis de Puysegur, distance healing, sixth sense, telepathy, telekinesis, bodily dislocation, astral travel, premonition, clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Magnetic somnambulism, for example, is a state of the body that favors regressions and progressions in time and space, through the various lives or energetic vibrations.

Mesmerism, a magic of Nature revealed and of simple application, within anyone's reach.

To continue to grow, even today.

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As if it were a release, a brain update, as if to make a software program created many years ago more efficient and functional, updating it with new functions and operations more suited to current needs.