Hypnosis is a state of complete presence in oneself. It is the key to access the boundless capacity of the unconscious and for this reason it has great appeal in all cultures. Hypnosis is a physiological state that is created when the mind works in sync, or when the right hemisphere and left hemisphere are both activated and interact in total synergy. It is a natural and spontaneous state that takes over when our mind focuses all its attention exclusively on one element. Why Hypnosis? The most famous hypnotherapist doctor in history answers the question:
In hypnosis we present ideas to a patient, a person, a subject. We ask an individual to learn new and different ways of functioning by extracting them from the large number of cells in his brain, from the enormous amount of potential capabilities. Milton Erickson – Healing with Hypnosis - 1983
Milton Erickson's professional work is based on the fundamental assumption that every human being already has all the resources he needs. A sort of toolbox for life. It is possible to exploit this cerebral concentration ability to stimulate, promote and develop the person's potential for his well-being. The hypnotic state allows each individual who wishes to benefit from it to be aware of its superior version, the wisest, most intact and never affected by any life event. Essentially allows you to take the necessary equipment from the toolbox of life at the time it is needed. Hypnosis, along with traditional medical therapies, can help overcome various problematic states of personal experience that can manifest themselves in suffering symptoms such as anxiety, stress, panic attacks, phobias, depressions, etc. Psychosomatics has shown how these symptoms can easily turn into a disease by actually attacking the body. Hypnosis is a tool for everyone, you can use it in the form of self hypnosis or contact a qualified therapist. This technique is used by therapists as an effective support in the treatment of psycho-physical discomfort. Hypnosis is natural and harmful like drinking a glass of water because it is natural for humans, just like breathing: just understand how the mind works. It is known that to analyze and process information, the brain activates the hemisphere responsible for the logic which, due to its functionality and structure, responds to the procedures of a linear type of thinking and reasons in terms of cause and effect. To have ideas and intuitions, on the contrary, it is necessary to activate the opposite hemisphere, responsible for creativity and imagination which, due to its structure and functionality, has a quantum-type thought, that is, it responds to multi-probabilistic and multi-sensory logics and reasons in terms of cause - infinite possible effects. In a sense Hypnosis is a fundamental tool to bring our mind to work beyond that meager 10% of its abilities decreed by science. However unconscious the hypnotic one turns out to be a common and everyday experience. It may happen that the mind enters a state of trance during the day, even if it is often lived without realizing it because there is no education to recognize and use this natural functionality. Just think of all those times that you remain as dazed, with your mind here and elsewhere at the same time (in front of the TV, on the subway, driving, in the morning when you wake up etc etc). In all these cases the person has changed brain frequencies by progressively entering the "self-hypnosis" phase. That could be a precious moment to activate the best useful resources from the baggage of life's tools to meet the needs of the moment: determination, calm, energy, courage, self-esteem, health, safety, freedom, harmony, empathy, etc. How many ways are there to experience hypnotic trance? As many as those to think: hundreds of millions of millions. We are made to live in balance and harmony, the natural order of things requires that man has equal access to both hemispheres to devise the best strategies for his survival and existence. This is why every individual is endowed with this ability, even if modern education has led to using it less and less, even in some cultures, to ignore it completely, while at the dawn of man by instinct it was used very much. It is also possible to help another person recover their inner resources by guiding them in the transition to hypnosis. Today we can reason in terms of RI-education in the hypnotic state and for RE-learning what we actually know already, we enjoy the privilege of being spoiled for choice, there are many possible applications.

Verbal hypnosis

Brought to excellence by the famous hypnotist Milton Erickson, it is also widespread with the term conversational hypnosis. In this video you can have a live experience of guided regressive hypnosis, one of many possible applications.

Rapid shock hypnosis

It determines a hypnotic state in a very short time. In this video a practical demonstration of a technique that uses other hypnotic elements to accelerate the hypnotic process.
These are just some of the possible methodologies used to enter hypnosis, to name just a few more as examples: ERICKSON HYPNOSIS NON-VERBAL HYPNOSIS INSTANTANEOUS HYPNOSIS TRANSGENERATIONAL HYPNOSIS HUMANIST HYPNOSIS

Brief history of hypnosis

It is curious how very few know that hypnosis is actually the daughter of Animal Magnetism or Mesmerism, or that set of practices devised by Franz Anton Mesmer, a Viennese physician of the 18th century who brought to the attention of the world the existence of a fluid vital from the formidable therapeutic effects, a fluid that exists but is not seen and belongs to the whole of creation.


It was on the occasion of a visit to Charles La Fontaine, a famous itinerant Swiss magnetizer who had the privilege of working with Armand-Marie-Jacques de Chastenet, Marquis of Puységur, Franz's direct student. Anton Mesmer is the father of magnetic somnambulism, which James Braid (portrayed in the image), a Manchester doctor who lived in the first half of the 1800s, observing the effects of sitting and magnetization on the patient clinically defined that state so beneficial as to be comparable to the "Sleep ", A term deriving from ancient Greek mythology where" Hypnos "is the God of Sleep while his twin brother is" Thanatos "god of Death. And hypnosis was.

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