Coaching is a support tool for the person to help her achieve the goals in line with her values.

He intervenes in all sectors of professional and private life for full personal fulfillment and acts on the present and the future.

It is a humanist discipline because it focuses on the person in the present to accompany it towards the realization of a project or in the resolution of ongoing problems or conflicts.

Coaching is an active listening discipline - in a sense it is the "Way of Questions that Generate Answers and Action", because it is based on a working methodology aimed at understanding the situation to identify the best resources to generate the ideal action .

Avec a coach, vous ferez plus vite, mieux et moins cher

David Lefrancois - Guide Pratique du Life Coaching - 2004

With a Coach you will do better first and cost less expensive: this expression contains the quintessence of the spirit of Coaching, where time is of the essence. We work on short resolution times because time is measured by the active strategic steps to get where we have set ourselves.

In this sense it is a dynamic discipline - the discipline of acting - and performing - the discipline of making better.

Today, in addition to the professional figures of the Life Coach and the Business Coach who have been working for more than twenty years, the highly sought-after figure of the Wellness Coah, an expert specialized in supporting the attainment and maintenance of health and well-being, was added. psychophysical.