Aria, Acqua, Fuoco e Terra sono i medici della Natura, antichi guaritori instancabili e disponibili 24 ore al giorno, da sempre al servizio dell’uomo gratuitamente. Elemento primario insieme all’Acqua, al Fuoco e alla Terra, l’Aria é principio vitale e primo anelito di vita. Nella dottrina medica classica greca il respiro Pneuma é sostanza che dà inizio all’esistenza e permette la vita insieme ad Ignis, il fuoco del Calore Innato. Nella cultura indiana il Prana é soffio energetico universale.

Breath is also fundamental in the MazdaZnan tradition of Zoroastrian origin, founded at the beginning of the 20th century by the doctor Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha’nish and now carried out by increasingly rare communities. According to this doctrine the growth and ideal development of each individual also and above all passes from the adequate daily practice of conscious breathing.

The RESPIR is the underlying principle of life, and the rythme inspiration and expiration, with its retention and stopping times, determines the physical, psychic and mental development.

Dr. Hanish - The Art of Breathing - 1969

He respires the principle of the base of the life, the ritmo of the inspira- tion and the expectation, the temporality of the trate- mentment of the arrest, the determinism of the psychic, the mental and psychical.

Breathing is natural, breathe well and with awareness allow attainment and preservation of an optimal state of health.

In the MazdaZnan philosophy also the physiognomy is considered basic for a process of self-awareness and evolution, the classification of the different biological types also indicates the type of lifestyle to be adopted to live better on the basis of one's basic inclination. Targeted exercises and specific techniques allow three important centers of the complex human system to be worked at an emotional, intellectual and instinctual level.

We are surrounded by air.

It is available everywhere, for everyone and every moment of the day, able to make significant improvements in general health.