Lesson 20 - Beta waves β


  • Frequency range: 40 Hz to 100 Hz: 12 Hz a 40 Hz
  • Characteristics and associated statesIt is the waves observed by the electroencephalogram in a waking state and that we experience most during our existence when we are operational, active, targeted. They are the waves of when "we are on the piece", characterized by high frequency (rapidity) and low amplitude. They have a stimulating effect, therefore they favor cognitive activities that require commitment, presence and concentration. When they come into play we feel lucid, well awake, for this reason they are found especially in the morning and in general during the day, maybe after drinking a good coffee or after taking any other substance that has stimulating effects. Even the direct sun or fresh air can activate Beta β waves, each of us has experienced that particular sensation of mental and muscular awakening that comes with it.
  • Excessstress, anxiety, adrenaline excitement, insomnia.
  • DefectDepressive states, apathy, poor cognitive ability, lack of attention.
  • Optimalcoordination, information processing, learning and memory, concentration and focus, high problem solving capability.
  • What increases them: coffee, tea, energy drinks, physical activity, various stimulants, physical exercise

The ability of our brain to become flexible and pass through various frequencies, changing them according to the context, plays an important role in the quality of our life because it affects the way we behave, think, move and process.

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