Lesson 19 - Alpha waves α


  • Frequency range: 40 Hz to 100 Hz: da 8 Hz a 12 Hz
  • Characteristics and associated states: States of deep relaxation. These are the waves that are activated when we close our eyes and are totally relaxed, when we meditate or exercise. self-affirmations. Alpha frequency is considered the gateway to deep meditation, it comes into play when we are about to fall asleep and just before waking up, in the state of sleep. Many people are in "Alpha mode" when they watch TV, watch a sunset or relax on the beach
  • Excess: inability to concentrate, apathy, lack of energy.
  • Defect: insomnia, stress, anxiety, daydreaming, lack of motivation.
  • Optimal: presence, concentration, awareness, memory, intelligence, problem solving, increased immune defenses
  • What increases them: saunas, massages, yoga practices, binaural music, meditation, deep breathing exercises, neurofeedback.

The ability of our brain to become flexible and pass through various frequencies, changing them according to the context, plays an important role in the quality of our life because it affects the way we behave, think, move and process.

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