ONLINE COURSE of HYPNOSIS and SELF-HYPNOSIS - Lesson 15 - Ultra-deep state Sichort State or Ultra Depth®


In the lesson dedicated to hypnotic phenomenology we have discovered that there are different states of hypnosis, each characterized by a specific phase.

You enter a "light state" when you daydream or when you start falling asleep and start waking up. An "average state" is reached, for example, when practicing meditation. A deeper state of hypnosis, "sleepwalking" is a much more common hypnotic phenomenon than we think, just think of that distracted moment that we all live, for example driving a car and maybe losing the exit that we take every day. In sleepwalking, it is possible to create local anesthesia, useful for many applications, not only medical and dental.

At an ultra-deep level, for example, we arrive at the "Esdaile state", which produces anesthesia of the whole body. Ideal for painless surgery and in general for the management of pain, such as that of childbirth. This state provides a release from the muscle and cellular memory of tension and trauma. People often experience feelings of inner peace and euphoria.

Finally, with the "state of Sichort", we reach the deepest hypnotic level characterized by R.E.M phase, i.e. rapid eye movement and distortion of time. In this state the minutes translate into hours of deep restful sleep and the body increases its healing potential (heals six to ten times faster), where the talents are amplified and the intuitive skills improved. The state of Sichort is the door to unlimited potential for spiritual growth and development.

This technique has also been studied at university and its creator describes it as follows:

Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis from A to Z: a ​​complete manual of theory and practice.

This course consists of over 45 lessons and will provide you with a practical understanding of how the human mind works and how to use theHypnosis as a natural tool to potentially improve any area of ​​your life.

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