How to find a job in 9 days with NLP3, hypnosis and self-hypnosis

Pratiche utili ad ottenere risultati concreti in tempi rapidi per l’occupazione

Although you've probably heard of people usingHypnosis to do everything from slimming successfully to smettere di fumare, potresti non sapere che può esserti utile anche nella ricerca di lavoro.
Se stai cercando il tuo primo impiego, oppure vuoi fare carriera, ottenere finalmente quella promozione o trovare un lavoro migliore, lhypnosis and self-hypnosis can help you improve your chances of getting the position you want. We are living in a period in which every category is suffering the effects of the economic crisis resulting from the health emergency: if on the one hand it has become easier to lose your job, on the other hand it has become even more difficult to find it, as as evidenced by various realities of support in the search for placement and employment (*).

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Looking for a job may seem like a big step, maybe you feel anxious just thinking about applying, calling, or looking your best at the interview. Or maybe even just the idea of starting over, beginning a new job with all its challenges, seems overwhelming to you.

The job search may encounter several internal pitfalls that add to the external ones complicating the situation, such as:

  • Lack of or weak motivation, the reason that drives you to work
  • discouragementMaybe because you've been looking for months or haven't worked for a while due to the global Covid emergency and feel you've lost confidence in your job;
  • lack of self-esteem, you may feel like you are worth little and have little to offer the working world.
  • resignation
  • difficulty in imagining a different future, a change

However, it is still possible to overcome critical issues. It is precisely to take action on these fronts that you can access a hands-on individual program that is spread over 9 days. A step-by-step path of support that is accomplished in nine steps and that employs various tools such as NLP3, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, breathing, Lux Mind, visualizations, Quantum Psychology and other change technologies, aimed at boosting your courage, preparing you emotionally, increasing your confidence and therefore also your chances of success.

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Practical applications, low cost

Each day includes specific activities to be done, aimed at gaining confidence and calm. They help to be positive and relaxed in the search for employment, then get quick and satisfactory results.

The path available only on demandIt is structured so that it can be done in total autonomy, by email, or with personal training formula by appointment, with both online and live training.

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