SMALL ON LINE GUIDE TO THE ENNEAGRAM of PERSONALITIES - Lesson 1 - Introduction - What is the Enneagram?


Characteristics, motivations, fixations, fundamental fears, vices and virtues.

INTRODUCTION - What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram releases the charm of the archaic, represents a symbol, a teaching and a mathematical model at the same time. Until the beginning of the last century known especially in the esoteric study environments of almost exclusively oral tradition, its name derives from the Greek Ennea (nine) and Gramma (drawing) and depicts itself as a geometric design in the shape of a 9-pointed star, a diagram representing a universal model that, applied to the study of personality, describes a system based on 9 behaviors of human nature. 


Basic Enneagram from A to Z: an introductory practical guide for you. FREE!

This small free guide consists of over 10 lessons and will provide you with a basic knowledge ofThe Enneagram, a powerful, deep and complete system for understanding yourself and others. This personality system has combined modern knowledge with ancient wisdom to offer you cutting-edge technology capable of providing a key to understanding human nature with new depth and clarity. Learning this knowledge can potentially change many aspects of your life by developing your personality, increasing your self-awareness and improving your relationships with your partner, your family, your friends and work colleagues.

A mini course that can change the course of things

This is proposed as a small introductory guide to a complex apparatus, a methodology that requires commitment, dedication, ethics and precision. If you want to deepen the Enneagram e you would like to participate in one of our courses to learn live and maybe even use it in your profession (knowledge, however, nowadays highly requested), Contact to discuss it. As a universal system, its applications are practically endless, depending on what you want to do with it. 

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As if it were a release, a brain update, as if to make a software program created many years ago more efficient and functional, updating it with new functions and operations more suited to current needs.

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